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HFW Conference Policies

Payment of Conference Registration Fees

All delegates must submit applicable conference fees in US currency. Payment of conference fees may be made online, US mail, or called into our office M-F 9-5 EST. If you are registering by mail, you may print the registration page and submit a personal check or money order with your completed registration form. Returned checks are subject to a $35 handling fee.

Confirmation and Receipt

An automatic registration confirmation will be sent by email for those who register online unless U.S. Mail is selected on the registration form. The confirmation email or letter will include specific conference details and items of particular interest to conference delegates, which is also available on the conference website.

Children Not Registered for the Conference

Hope for Wholeness allows children 12 and under to attend the morning and evening general sessions, when accompanied by a parent or guardian who is registered for the event. Due to the sensitive and adult nature of the topics discussed at the breakout classes and groups, no one under the age of 13 is allowed entrance into breakout sessions. Minors (age 13-17) may attend general sessions with a parent or guardian, but must be registered delegates to attend breakout sessions.

Cancellation Policies  

In the event a confirmed reservation must be canceled, there are three cancellation options available to you.

1. Those needing to cancel their conference registration, due to a personal or family emergency, may request a full refund up to the day before the start of the conference, by July 9th. There will be NO refunds for cancellations made on or after the first day of the conference.

2. To transfer your registration and accommodations (if applicable) to the person of your choice, Hope for Wholeness requests that you notify the Hope for Wholeness office no later than June 15.

3. Convert your conference fees into a tax-deductible donation to support Hope for Wholeness before or after the conference by contacting the office.

*Payment Cancellations: After the start of the conference, July 10th, no payment cancellations can be made. We ask that you hold to the length of the term of payments, or pay off the balance owed. Cancellations prior to the start of the conference, will only be eligible to receive the principal paid. Service Fees and interest are non refundable.


The below Conference Policies will be listed in the conference program, for your on hand review. 


If you need help, call 1-800-588-7222 or go to the front desk and have them message us.

Code of Conduct

Hope for Wholeness requires that all participants at the Hope for Wholeness Conference adhere to standards of conduct in keeping with their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ during the conference. This includes abstaining from all forms of immoral behavior.

It is expected that all participants attending the conference will either be in agreement with Hope for Wholeness' Doctrinal Beliefs and Policy statements, or will be respectful of them while finding out more about the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Hope for Wholeness.


While frank and open discussion is valuable, disruption of the conference is NOT acceptable, including, but not limited to: interrupting conference presenters or activities; distributing non Hope for Wholeness literature; campaigning for alternative religions, philosophical or political views; on-site demonstrations; seeking sexual contacts; harassing others; abusing alcohol or narcotics; or sharing registration information with other persons.

Hope for Wholeness reserves the right to refuse any delegate their registration, or to remove a delegate from the conference, if there is reasonable cause to believe that he or she may endanger themselves or others by attending, or has endangered themselves or others in attendance.

Persons asked to leave for violation of the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for refunds.


The standard meal package came with Wednesday dinner through Saturday dinner. You are given “tickets” that will be hole punched at each meal, plus individual tickets for meals in addition to the meal package. Do not loose these, as they cannot be replaced, other than repurchased. We suggest putting them in the back of your name badge.

Breakfast  7:15 – 8:15am           Lunch  12:00 – 1:00            Dinner  5:30 – 6:30

Name Badges

When you register, you'll be issued a name badge, which MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES for safety purposes. We ask you to wear your name badge where/whenever outside of your hotel room. Entrance to general sessions and workshops, or any related conference meetings will NOT be permitted without a name badge. If you have left your badge in your room or car, a temporary badge will be given you. If you've lost your badge, a new one will be issued, but please do your best to hold onto it. Name badges are one way we try to keep our conference secure.

Personal Image Release

We will be taking photos for promotional purposes. During the conference, there will be many photographs and videos taken from HFW leadership and participants. HFW uses these images on social media & other ways. Participants also take photos and selfies. Those selecting "No" to this agreement, will have a red dot on their badge, signifying to everyone to not photograph, video, or publish your image in any way. It is your responsibility to wear your badge at all times during the conference, especially if you've selected "No" to this agreement. To be safe, please send us your image, holding a note that says "No pictures please." If you take photos with friends, make SURE to tell them that they cannot share these on social media, if you do not desire to be seen at the event or have to explain yourself.  General Sessions and workshops, etc. will be taken from the back. Simply look away if you see someone taking a photograph towards you.


Release and Liability

By your participation, you agree to and understand that the subject matter at the Hope for Wholeness Conference may be potentially unsettling. You voluntarily and personally assume responsibility for your participation in any and all aspects of the conference and release Hope for Wholeness, its board, staff and any other conference presenters or contributors from any claims whatsoever for damages alleged as a direct or indirect result of participation in this conference.

Shuttle Service

If you have purchased the shuttle, please email Nylene, our office manager at nwilds@hopeforwholeness.org your intinerary. If you did not purchase this service on your arrival, you may pay the bookstore $25 (one way) for this service. To the best of our ability, we will have multiple passengers during one trip.


Youth and Children

Any minor, 17 years or younger, must be registered and chaperoned by a parent or legal guardian. They may attend workshops with a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 13 are NOT allowed in workshop sessions, unless individually agreed to by conference coordinator.

The below Standards are mandated standards by Ridgecrest, as a part of having a conference on their property and being on their property. Hope for Wholeness is a friend of Ridgecrest. They understand the importance of confidentiality and will respect you and our group in this need. If you have a concern in this regard, please contact Hope for Wholeness or Ridgecrest. 

Ridgecrest Standards:

Ridgecrest is a Christian conference center. 

In keeping with our mission, the following standards help to assure the comfort of our guests:

Ridgecrest's facilities are tobacco-free. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus. (Smoking area is located off campus, see map.)

Immodest clothing, distasteful monograms, bare feet in public areas, or any extreme style of dress is prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms, and fireworks are not permitted.

Campus Usage Fee

Persons attending this event who are not being housed in Ridgecrest Conference Center lodging will be charged a one-time Campus Usage Fee of $12 per day or $25 for the entire event.


"Use of Ridgecrest, a LifeWay Conference Center, for this conference does not imply alignment with or endorsement by any Southern Baptist group.”

Pets are not permitted in any Ridgecrest facility. 

However, service animals as defined by ADA ("Americans with Disability Act") regulations are permitted. ADA regulations define a service animal as "any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability." Per the U. S. Department of Justice, "The crime deterrent effects of an animal's presence and the provision of emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship do not constitute work or tasks for the purposes of this definition." Such animals are not service animals and are therefore not permitted in any Ridgecrest facility.

As a courtesy to all guests, please observe noise curfew from 11:30 pm to 6:30 am.

Ridgecrest is not responsible for lost or stolen possessions. 

Ridgecrest does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any material articles prior to, during, or following events.

Health Services

Ridgecrest does not employ medical professionals nor do we stock medical supplies or equipment. Ridgecrest staff will assist with first aid and public emergency services. In case of emergency, dial 911. 

Preservation of Religious Voice and Rights

Ridgecrest, a facility owned and operated by LifeWay Christian Resources ("LifeWay") of the Southern Baptist Convention ("SBC"), was created predominately for LifeWay and other SBC ministries. Thus, in addition to the above standards designed chiefly to protect the peace and enjoyment of all our guests, LifeWay/Ridgecrest also imposes religious standards based on the religious faith, purpose, and mission of the SBC, as reflected in the current Baptist Faith & Message (available upon request or by visiting SBC's website at www.sbc.net/2000-bf m.html). Enforcing these religious standards helps to insure that no activities or views expressed by or through groups using the Ridgecrest facilities interfere with the ability of LifeWay/Ridgecrest to speak with one religious voice and promote one religious message consistent with the published views of the SBC. Accordingly, users or guests of the Ridgecrest facilities must not engage in activities, or publicly declare views, that are contrary to these religious standards as determined by LifeWay/Ridgecrest. By your attendance, you acknowledge and agree that LifeWay/Ridgecrest retains the right, to be exercised in their sole discretion, to refuse or expel any group or individual that engages in activities or publicly declares views that LifeWay/Ridgecrest finds substantially inconsistent with their religious standards.

Photo Release

LifeWay regularly takes photos and shoots film and video on the campus as a means to gather materials for promotional and production purposes. Accordingly, during the course of your stay, you and any of your guests may be photographed, filmed or videoed while participating in any of the campus events or enjoying any of the campus features. Therefore, every guest of the Conference Center, by visiting the campus, acknowledges and agrees that these photos, films and videos may be taken and used in LifeWay's products and promotional materials.

This Photo Release is in conflict with our Personal Image Release. Hope for Wholeness is well supported and respected by Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest and its staff understand the confidential nature of HFW, its conference, and the desire of many of its conference attendees. Despite this release, we’ve never experienced Ridgecrest taking photographs.

Waiver of Liability/Assumption of Risk and Responsibility

Individual users of Ridgecrest's facilities assume the risks inherent in the facilities, grounds, equipment, and activities of Ridgecrest; will pay for any damage to the facilities, grounds, or equipment that they cause or to which they contribute; and expressly waives and releases LifeWay and Ridgecrest from liability for any injury or loss occasioned by any use of the facilities, grounds, or equipment of Ridgecrest that is inconsistent with their intended use or purpose, inconsistent with due care and caution, or inconsistent with the terms of this agreement.

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