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Hope for Wholeness exists so that those who struggle with homosexuality can find freedom to live according to God's design.

Genesis 1:27

Find a Hope for Wholeness Referral Network

If you are in a state that does not have a Referral Ministry or are outside of the United States, we encourage you to seek out one of our Referral Counselors available via SKYPE, Web Conference & Phone listed in every state.  If calling, or utilizing chat, we will do our best to help you find a ministry or counselor that may or may not be listed on our map.  Our network is growing and not all ministries or counselors we are associated with are listed on our website.

Hope for Wholeness Referral Governance and Guidance

Hope for Wholeness is not the governance of Hope for Wholeness Referrals but merely recommends these Referrals to the public through its Referral program posted on our website. These organizations and individuals work [essentially] as independent contractors. We attempt to ensure their integrity through Hope for Wholeness Policy Statements, Beliefs, Standards, communication, and attendance of our annual conference. Referrals must agree to abide by these measures prior to becoming a Hope for Wholeness Referral. Referrals are responsible for having their own board of directors and governance (a minimum of a 3 person non family/staff board, who must have the ability to discharge the director), accountability structure, and liability coverage. Hope for Wholeness gives no guarantee of its Referrals and is not responsible for ensuring that its members follow Hope for Wholeness Standards or maintain credible standards. It is the responsibility of the Referrals to inform any deviation from Hope for Wholeness Standards and any form of impropriety or accusation of such. If Hope for Wholeness learns that a Referral is not abiding by Hope for Wholeness Policy Statements, Beliefs, and Standards, and is unwilling or unable to alter from this course, Hope for Wholeness will end the relationship with the Referral.

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