Day 4: Finding Your Triggers

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Day 4: Finding Your Triggers

It’s Day 4 of the Challenge, and today is all about finding your triggers.

In yesterday’s video, Matt Fradd talked about writing down your exit strategies—what to do when you feel the temptation to look at porn. But this can be difficult to do if we don’t know what our triggers are—the situations or emotional events that get the motor running.

A good exit strategy (1) plans to avoid needless triggers, and (2) has a plan for how to respond to triggers when they come.

Action Step

Video playWatch Matt Fradd talk about Dr. Kevin Skinner’s “Pornography Activation Sequence,” including the first step of the sequence: triggers.


PenTriggers: Consider utilizing the comment section at the bottom of Covenant Eyes 40 Day Challenge Participation to write out what your triggers are each time you have had a failure or are simply being tempted, struggling, or being "triggered."

Remember: After watching the video, take some time to write down your triggers in your 40 Day Challenge Journal and any other memorable take-aways from the video. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

LightbulbQuestion for Reflection:

Write down an exit strategy for each trigger. When that trigger comes along, what will you say to yourself and what will you do?

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