Day 26: How to Join the Human Race

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Day 26: How to Join the Human Race

It’s Day 26 of Overcome Porn. Today, we're switching gears again. We've looked at what it means to run from sin and temptation and what it means to run to holy pleasures. Now we must learn what it means to run with others who can help us.

Not many people like talking about their weaknesses with others. My friend Nate Larkin used to be a lot like this. He wanted to just beat porn all on his own. But after his sin got out of control, he knew something needed to change.

Today, you get to hear Nate's story—not just a story of addiction, but a story of freedom and friendship.

Action Step

Watch this 8-minute video of Nate Larkin talking about his battles with pornography and sex addiction. He talks about what it took to drive him out of secrecy and into a life of accountability and honesty.

PenRemember: After watching the video, take some time to write down the most memorable take-aways in your 40 Day Challenge Journal. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

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