Day 24: Paul's Secret to Defeating Lust

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Day 24: Paul's Secret to Defeating Lust

It’s Day 24 of the challenge, and for the next two days we will be talking about what Paul says about defeating sin.

Paul was no stranger to lust. In Romans 7 he recalls a time in his life when the commandments of God really hit home for him, and he says they stirred in him all kinds of covetous desires (v.8). The more he tried to obey God, the more he was aware of just how sinful he was (v.7). The more God’s law restricted him, the more his sinful self wanted to break free to be his own master.

This is why we will never defeat porn by simply trying harder. We will either fail trying or we will just replace porn with another vice.

In today's article we learn how Paul defeated lust.

Action Step

ReadRead “The Apostle Paul’s Secret to Fighting Sexual Sin.” In it you’ll learn Paul’s plan for freedom as outlined in Colossians 3.

PenRemember: After reading the article, take some time to write down the most memorable take-aways in your 40 Day Challege Journal. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

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