Day 18: Pleasure Is Not the Enemy

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Day 18: Pleasure Is Not the Enemy

It’s Day 18 of the Challenge, and today we are talking about holy pleasure.

We should not think that God is opposed to pleasure. He has filled this world with wonderful pleasures. One of the best ways we can combat pornography is by running toward the legitimate earthly pleasures He has given us. By embracing God’s good gifts, over time porn will begin to lose its luster.

Action Step

ReadRead the article, "End Porn Addiction: 5 Secrets to Walking in the Spirit." In the article Luke Gilkerson talks in one of the main points about what it means to "walk in pure pleasure." It is important—if we are going to break free from ungodly pleasure—to run toward healthy, soul-building pleasures.​

PenRemember: Take some time to write down the most memorable take-aways in your 40 Day Challege Journal. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

LightbulbQuestion for Reflection:

What are some of the superior, God-given pleasures you can enjoy more as an alternative to lust?

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