Day 16: Lust or a worship disorder?

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Day 16: Lust or a worship disorder?

It’s Day 16 of the Challenge, and today we’ll be talking about pornography addiction not just as a sexual sin, but also as a worship disorder.

Often, what drives an addiction to pornography is not just lust. It is evidence of a deeper sin that needs to be addressed.

When the Bible speaks of idolatry, this is not just a reference to statues of wood or stone. We can also have “idols of the heart” (Ezekiel 14:3)—things we put in the position of the greatest glory, the greatest significance, our deepest longing, our first love. God alone should occupy that position in our hearts, but often we have sexual idols in our lives that have taken His place.

Action Step

ReadRead the following chapter from John Freeman’s book, Hide or Seek: “Life as an Idol-Maker” (reprinted with permission on the Covenant Eyes blog). This is a lengthy chapter, so make sure to set aside some uninterrupted time.

PenRemember: After reading the article, take some time to write down the most memorable take-aways in your 40 Day Challege Journal. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

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