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Hope for Wholeness Prayer Requests

The Hope for Wholeness Network, our church and ministry affiliates and individuals from throughout the United States, regularly pray over our ministry including specific prayer requests for individuals seeking freedom from homosexuality, same sex attractions, lesbianism, gay pornography addiction and other issues.  If you have a prayer request for yourself or a loved one, please submit it online below.  We will post your request for prayer from our support community.  God Bless.

Prayer Requests

Please Pray that my husband can overcome his transgender feelings

Please pray that my husband can overcome his feelings of wanting to be a woman it is destroying our family and ruining our marriage. My husband secretly wears female clothes, and contacts other transgenders to help him in his deception. Please pray for his salvation, I believe that this is the only way, he can be saved from this demonic lifestyle. I am a Christian and he is not, he believes that God made him this way, and that he was born this way, there is no medical evidence to prove this but he won’t listen.

Pamela G

Please Pray for my estranged Gay son

Please pray for my adult son who came out to us a year ago after leaving for College. He told us through an email, “No personal contact.” He now refuses to speak to anyone in his family because he says he can not have a relationship with someone that sees his love for a man as a sin. He now claims he was born this way and it is not a choice. No matter how calm I am, or what words I said or tried to avoid saying… He will not talk to us unless we agree with him and accept him and his partner and lifestyle into our home. I told him I can still be in his life but he wants nothing to do with us now. He said I chose a book of words over him. I am heartbroken he has turned away from the teachings of God’s word that he once practiced and lived by. His Father and I are struggling with defeat of the enemy to cave just to keep him in our life, but we know that would be against everything we taught our other children. We have also learned, through social media, that he is engaged to his partner that we believe has swayed him against us. My son is a senior this year and 3 hours away from me… although I have not seen or talked to him in a year. He threatened to call the police on me the last time I tried to visit him. Please pray for the holy spirit to soften both of their hearts, convict them both, and restore them to wholeness. We are holding on tightly to our faith in God and resting securely on his promises.

Michelle S

That my son’s planned “wedding Ceremony” will be stopped and God will redeem my son and his unbelieving partner

My son is planning a “same sex” wedding ceremony Sept. 21. I ask that your prayer partners pray that God speak to him and his partner like God spoke to Balaam’s donkey, since they are under such a strong delusion. I fear spiritually for them because of this blasphemous attack on the image of God, and His image shown in the marriage ceremony. I know God can stop this with His redeeming ways, and that’s how I pray- for God’s redemption in the life of my son and his self-proclaimed “secular humanist” partner. Because there is only one month until this planned event, I ask for urgent prayer now. By the way, my son is angry with me because I refuse to attend that which I consider is blasphemy, and says this will affect our long-term relationship. He says the partner’s family is too angry with my husband and me to even talk with us. I have a good relationship with the “fiance” and talk with him, but since he is completely unschooled in anything Christian, I have only spoken my objections, not written a Biblical essay on why this is wrong. I will write the essay for my thoughts, but not sure I will e-mail it to him. Please pray for deliverance from the lie, and for God’s power, love, and a sound mind for all involved. Thank you.

Ann B.

I am in love with a man who struggles with SSA

I am in love with a man who struggles with SSA and is currently acting out and thinking about totally living the life. He was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by men and woman as a child and has never dealt with any of it. He goes to gay clubs every week and acts out with different men and last night said he went on a date with a man. Him and I have our own history that happened last summer and even this summer we held hands and kissed. He confessed his love for me in June and within weeks was completely acting out full swing, having sex and all with men. I have been praying for this man for almost a year now and I feel he has just gotten worse and worse in his struggles. I know God is a God of miracles. I know no sin is worse than the next, but for some reason this one has always really made my heartache and I often feel like freedom is impossible, even despite my own freedom from it. I am hurting pretty bad inside for my friend and wanting his freedom so bad but can’t make it happen, it is between him and God. Amen
CeeCee W

Delieverance From homosexual lust

I am a 25 year old man and for most of my life I have battled with a confused sexual identity and strong feelings of homosexual lust. I am addicted to pornography, especially gay pornography. I constantly repent only to find myself overcome by homosexual lust in a week or two weeks time at most. Please help me, prayer that I will be completely delivered from these feelings and habits that are controlling my life.


I have a burden for others like me-Help me be able to appropriately share with others.

I feel such a burden for all of those who struggle with SSA. I am a prodigal- Raised in minister’s home- Church of the Nazarene. I just watched the DVD series, “Learning to Love,” a couple days ago.  I am from PA and couldn’t make the conference.  I feel I should be doing more, but don’t know in what capacity I am supposed to serve.  Please pray for me that I will have the courage to follow whatever path God has for me.  I left the lifestyle for the second time in 2005. My story has a lot of parallels to Meleah’s including our ages, single (adopted teen alone after I got free) parent and going the way of SSA for reasons which had nothing to do w/ sexuality for me.  Please pray for me. Thank you for your prayer and for what you do every day.


Please pray for my Daughter. She is in the Army and doesn’t mind telling everyone that she is a lesbian. When I have discussions with her, my spirit is so grieved. She has decided that she is going to get married in October to another female soldier. They plan a wedding in Iowa. She is 22 years old. Please pray that I will know what to say or when to keep quiet. I am so angry, hurt, disappointed and embarrassed. I just don’t know what to do. I can only pray. Thank you for your prayers.

Suffering from Gay Pornography Addiction

Please pray for deliverance from gay pornography addiction and same-sex attractions. I am a 20 year old male living with a girlfriend who I love, however, I continue to struggle with attractions to other men and spend hours each week looking at gay porn.


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