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Hope for Wholeness Prayer Requests

The Hope for Wholeness Network, our church and ministry affiliates and individuals from throughout the United States, regularly pray over our ministry including specific prayer requests for individuals seeking freedom from homosexuality, same sex attractions, lesbianism, gay pornography addiction and other issues.  If you have a prayer request for yourself or a loved one, please submit it online below.  We will post your request for prayer from our support community.  God Bless.

Prayer Requests

Prayer for sister

Prayer for my sister Felicia Maxwell that she would be delivered from being a lesbian that she would seek God with blinders removed. She studies the word of God.

Pornography Addiction

I am seeking prayer for deliverance from evil thoughts and desire. I have been battling homosexual desire and porn since my conversion to Christianity. When I was a unbeliever I did what I felt good and lived a sexual immoral life. I no longer seek for that kind of activity with someone but I can’t get rid of porn. I have confessed my sin to God, prayed about it, sought for many prayer requests online (I dare not to seek for prayer face-to-face with someone) and read the Bible and lots of Christian books, but still I fail on a weekly basis. I am easily tempted when I am tired after work.

Praying for my gay friends

Dear God, this guy I love and care about is turning towards bisexuality. Please save him from more evil and negativity and darkness.  In Jesus’s name, I ask you to send him angels and Jesus to save his soul and save him from further committing sin.
God, I also pray for my friend who fell for a man who is gay.  Please help them to see the light and use me as a vessel for your blessings and grace to shine through and teach others the right path in life God.

Freedom for my stepdaughter

I’m praying for my step daughter. I’m asking for Jesus to deliver her having an interest in the same sex. I’m praying the spirit of identity confusion is released from her in the name of Jesus. I am praying she will have friends, laborers, and interceders who will enter her life and share the gospel in such a way that makes her thirsty for Christ alone. I’m praying she will have eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray her relationship with Christ is first and that it is what she has tenacity for. I’m praying God will align her with His purposes.

Starting a new path

I have been struggling with same sex attraction and homosexual behavior for years. I am saved, I was saved at a young age, and I know it is not the path God wants me on. I have tried before to get on the right path and wasn’t able to maintain it. I just ended a semi-relationship with a guy who I am terrified is going to be angry enough to share my secret. I know I need healthy male relationships, but I don’t have a clue how to start. I need prayers to get through this first couple of hours, days, and weeks and stay on God’s path of righteousness.

Help with temptation

Yes, I just need some much needed prayer as I continue to struggle in this sin of lust and same sex attraction. I feel so alone and hell bound.  I hate this and the struggle.   I don’t nor ever did want it.  This is a product of issues in my past (my father leaving for another family, as well as other issues).  I have never acted out physically with this nor will I ever do so.  It is just lust and porn.  I don’t have anyone I feel safe to talk about this with and I just am asking for prayer and peace over this issue that has destroyed my spirit for far too long.  Thanks!

Prayer Request

I’m 43 and have never been in a relationship.  Please be in prayer that God brings me a woman companion for loving relationship in Jesus name, Amen.  Also, pray that God brings me a relationship exceedingly and abundantly above what I can imagine in Jesus name, Amen.

Can’t find support

Hi, I have been out of the life for almost 10 years. At least to the extent that I don’t have contact with the gay communities and no sexual contact in that time. But it’s all been on my own and I’ve struggled the whole time with porn. I have no church or support aside from a few friends on-line who have offered to listen at least. It’s shame that keeps me away so my prayer request is – that I could face the shame and fear. I live in New England and there is not a lot of resources here specifically dealing with homosexuality. I also have trouble talking/praying on the phone.

please pray for my friend…

Please continue praying for my friend, Misha, who is a born again believer, but knowingly and deliberately turning from God to conform to this world, and a life of lust, friends leading her into sin, and away from Jesus Christ. Please pray that her heart be sweetly broken and she return to our Lord and Savior! Thank you so much!!


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