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Welcome! We're excited that you're interested in partnering Hope for Wholeness with your local congregation!

Hope for Wholeness seeks to work the local church congregation, to assist you in your attempt to bless, challenge, and encouraged those affected by homosexuality and transgenderism. We strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our church partners through the availability of counseling, support groups and our Hope for Wholeness DVD series curriculum.

Our ministry continues to grow, operating through primarily individual donations and partnerships from a few church partners that we're blessed to have. We are blessed to have church partners that continue to support our ministry through financial support, prayers, and (as needed/possible) volunteers. We need more partnerships and hope you will consider joining hands with us in this effort.

To learn more about us, go to our About tab to learn a brief review of our history, our mission and beliefs, our policy statements, and our governing structure.

Donate Now Click to Review 2015 Financial Report Financial Partnership Brochure

Our church partners do one or many of the following. They:

  • Financially support the work of the Hope for Wholeness Network;
  • Invite someone from Hope for Wholeness to speak onsite with their church about HFW's efforts of our ministry;
  • Encourage others to support the Hope for Wholeness Network's efforts;
  • Preach God's Word without altering or shying away from God's Truth;
  • Utilize the Hope for Wholeness Network as a referral resource for individuals within the community or church body;
  • Join the HFW Network as a church partner, to let people in their area know they are a safe place for those affected by and struggling with issues of homosexuality;
  • Join HFW Network as a ministry partner, having opportunities in their church for ministry and support from their personal struggles with the issue of homosexuality, possibly utilizing HFW's curriculum;
  • Whether our church partners formally join the HFW Network or not, each welcomes those affected by and struggling with issues of homosexuality, to attend their congregation and join their fellowship of believers.

If your church or organization is interested in learning more about partnering with the Hope for Wholeness Network we encourage you to contact us today by calling toll free 1-844-332-3809 or locally 864-583-7606. You may also complete the form below. If you know you want to get started as a HFW Church or Ministry Referral go to our Referral Network Signup page.

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