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I need Help

I can’t really say where my homosexuality started, but I do know for certain I am attracted to Men I have done so much and I am only the age of Twenty-two my grandmother (who I love) sees this as a big sin, and my soul going to hell, I just see it as somebody who needs help to overcome a addiction that has taken control of my life for the last three years. I really do need help I am tired of feeling alone, and like a failure just feeling like no one cares for me. I know I have a problem, and want healing.



Please pray hard for Peter, something big is happening now and he needs help, love & guidance. Have him have peace and make all good decisions, and open his heart & mind to God and me helping him. & peace for both of us (&his perfect health).

Lost an trapped in HOMOSEXUALITY

I struggle with men, lust, porn, in homosexuality. I am 43. I got saved at age 18, thanksgiving day. I sold my self, worked in gay bath houses, porn stores, gay bars, and after hours clubs. I struggle with male addiction and sexual desire/ sex addiction, men, and gay porn. I need prayer.

our daughter

Pray that our daughter, Emma actively works on rejecting her desire for girls. Help her see it is a sin and separates her from God. She is saved, help her to be in the good of her salvation and reject these feelings and become the woman that God wants her to be.

Prayers for my son

Our 17 year old son, EMMANUEL, is bright, sweet and very sensitive, and is attracted to other boys. We found out over a year ago and it has been a difficult journey. We raised him in the faith and he even was homeschooled at some point. He rejects and refuses any help or godly input of any kind, surrounds himself with people who approves of who he thinks he is. We keep letting him know that we love him and are not addressing the issue anymore. We are heartbroken. We would appreciate the prayers and encouragement of brothers and sisters who have walked this path before.

Spiritual Maturity Renew My Mind / Financial Disciplines

Pray I remove myself from the guys who medicate my pain and who do not nourish my relationship with JESUS, emotional dependency and sexual addiction with guys who kep me in bondage. Please pray for my mind to be renewed by pure thoughts and my spirit to be refreshed by God’s Holy Word. I need Prayer to attend church/ Sunday school more often, find a church body that is closer to my apartment with minimum driving. I need to budget more wisely and I may need another job as Debts keep piling and I feel overwhelmed!

Prayers for my daughter

I am asking for prayers for my daughter. She struggles with homosexuality and gender confusion. She was raised as a Christian. She asked Jesus into her heart. She has turned her back on Him and embracing homosexuality and now she has started living and dressing as a man. She takes several mind altering drugs for anxiety and depression. I know that God has a purpose and a plan for her life. She is young and in college. Please pray that God would remove evil influences from her life. Pray that she will be completely set free and that she will have a hunger and thirst for the Lord and serve Him.

Praying for a godly woman

I’m 43. I’ve never been in a relationship. Please pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) a woman companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen. Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what I can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.

Broken Beginnings

Prayer for my adopted son who moved out on Halloween last year. He was drawn into the gay club and gay thinking and is susceptible to influence. He had no father figure in his early years. Pray that he finds a better job away from his grassroots campaign. Prayer that he will come close to God and give God his heart. He has some degree of detachment due to his early years of drug addict parents in and out of his life. I pray that God will send an older Christian male into his life to fulfill a needs we could not fill. He is a positive kid and I love him dearly.

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