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I really can't thank you enough. To say that my walk with the Lord has changed in the last year is an understatement.

Ministry Appreciation

“Hi McKrae, I have been taking the Hope for Wholeness class with Miranda and Kimberly. I saw that this is ministry appreciation week and I just wanted to take a minute to write a note and thank you for all that you do every day. I really can’t thank you enough. To say that my walk with the Lord has changed in the last year is an understatement. The class has been a safe place for me to look at issues that I never could face before and to be able to do it with people who cared about me and loved me through very difficult times. The conference was a real turning point for me and I wanted to thank you for that as well. To be able to hear testimonies from people can be life-changing to those who are seeking and who feel hopeless. Testimonies are undeniable evidence that God can transform a life when many like myself felt it wasn’t possible. The conference allowed me to meet others who had similar stories. The enemy so often wants us to feel like we are alone and different and that causes the hopelessness, but because of the conference I’ve been able to build a strong bridge of support and I am so thankful for Hope for Wholeness and the changes that are happening in my life. I have made sure that Miranda and Kim know how much I appreciate the time that they have invested in me, the support they have given me, and the examples that they are to me of great women of God who seek him daily through the word, but I also wanted to take some time to thank you as well and to just hopefully encourage you by telling you of a life that has been changed because of this ministry and how God has used it. While I am not yet able to share my testimony publicly, I know one day I will as I continue to grow in Him. What God has done already is a miracle and I thank the Lord every day for your ministry. I am praying for you and your ministry team. God bless you as you serve Him so faithfully.” Shared with permission.

Not ready to be public? You can participate in the Redemption Challenge with a anonymously written message on the Redemption Challenge commitment page.

Testimonial from family being helped by Hope for Wholeness

I am so grateful to God for Hope for Wholeness!  I am a mother of a 22 year old son who has Asperger’s.  For several years now it has been next to impossible to find a Christian counselor who was willing to work with my son and take his issues seriously.  It was equally as difficult to find a grace-based counselor that didn’t use fear, condemnation or guilt in his struggle.  I love the fact that Hope for Wholeness is grace-based yet never waters down the Word of God!  McKrae is patient with my son in helping him to understand God’s truths and how to apply them in his everyday life.  For the first time in my son’s life, he doesn’t feel like an outcast, that there are people out there who truly care about him personally and accept him without reservation!!! My son’s heart is to know and follow God and to live a pure life; he wants to know that there is hope for his hurting heart!!!  He just needed someone to help encourage and disciple him along the way and Hope for Wholeness is doing just that!!!  I believe they are the hands and feet of Jesus being lived out and my son has been experiencing this week-after-week; they are the real thing!!! We thank God for you!!!


We know that we as parents need to allow God to move in our hearts to correct us and make us more like Him.

Family helped via Skype (internet video chat) from South Dakota

I would like to thank McKrae for his God-given wisdom and insight during our counseling session this past week.  It was a very beneficial session for us.  We were looking for a biblical perspective and found that in McKrae.  He made several comments that we wrote down and have taken to heart.  We know that we as parents need to allow God to move in our hearts to correct us and make us more like Him.

Thank you for taking the time to so speedily get back to us.  This was very impressive and was much appreciated.  It made us feel valued and important.

God Bless You all!  We will not hesitate to call and seek another appointment if or when necessary.

Changed Forever…A new life in Christ By Miranda Pettit

Miranda’s Story

My childhood probably wasn’t very unusual, and it certainly wasn’t terrible.  My dad worked to support my mom and four children, of which I am the only girl.  He was also an alcoholic, drinking with his co-worker “buddies” while on the road working, sometimes for two- to three-week intervals.  He would come home and continue his drinking, sometimes railing at my mother about her deficiencies, accusing her of things that he was actually doing, and this behavior, thankfully, rarely ended in physical abuse but always with verbal abuse.  Both of my parents loved me, but neither was equipped to really know how to love and affirm their only little girl. I found that my affirmation and acceptance were more readily available by being athletic and making good grades.  I learned to excel at both, preferring being a typical “tomboy” to being a little girl.  My dad worked hard to meet our physical needs, but he was ill-equipped to meet our emotional needs.  My mother lived in such fear of displeasing my dad that she was ill-equipped to meet our emotional needs as well.  But she did try to meet our spiritual needs by taking us to church.

Early on as a child, I felt a difference in my walk with the Lord. Most times I would sit with my mom so I could listen to what was being said instead of being distracted by passing notes and the whispering of my friends. But with this difference, I had yet another noticeable difference that separated me from all girls in general.  Early on in life, I realized that I had attractions for other girls. Of course, like most little girls, I had my boyfriends throughout elementary school, but that was just something I did thinking it was normal to do so. This “phase” I thought I was going through did not pass as I assumed it would.  When a guy was interested in me, I put up a huge wall and assumed that every guy who was interested wanted ONE thing, and I wasn’t going there.  So throughout my teenage years, I neither had a boyfriend nor desired one.  But I was fantasizing about girls/women excessively.  Though most of my fantasies were not sexual in nature, I could dream of being a guy having girlfriends and all the things I assumed every girl would want in a man.  I was so unhappy with being a girl and had such disdain for who I was. I thought to dream about being someone else—a guy, no less—was the only way to make me fit in, to make me “right.”  I never considered myself gay or lesbian because I felt my thoughts were innocent enough—I never did anything to pursue my attractions toward females, so, therefore, I wasn’t gay. In my thought life I was a guy, so that would not make me gay.  Maybe this was a way to justify my thoughts, but it worked. This struggle from my earliest remembrance as a child would follow me for 33 years.

My first same-sex relationship happened my senior year in high school. When I went to college, I was more exposed to lesbianism than I had ever even imagined.  Until that point, I thought I was the ONLY person who struggled with same-sex attractions and feelings.  I was wrong.  I finally didn’t feel so weird or different.  I didn’t fit in with my campus ministry group of “straight” girls, and I didn’t fit in with lesbians on campus either.  I could not find a balance in trying to walk two lines, and I could not find peace.  Much of my inner conflict was likely the result of my own convictions.  I was so confused and torn between emotions and spiritual conviction. Then my world came crashing down when one of my brothers “outed” me to my parents while I was in college.  But I chose my girlfriend and the life I was living over my parents’ wishes.  This choice only added more shame, guilt, and confusion to my life.  I really wanted to make the right choice, but I chose emotions over conviction.  I wanted to have the “right” feelings for both sexes, but I was in an emotional and spiritual battle.  My convictions kept on being suppressed and ignored. And those convictions only persisted and became even stronger as I continued in relationships with women.

The last and longest of all my relationships lasted six years.  By this time I had almost embraced the gay lifestyle because I figured I would never change no matter how hard I prayed.  I struggled spiritually,obviously because of my convictions. I had a storm inside my heart that no one else knew but me, and I felt lonely and all alone.  I thought most of it was discontentment with myself because the relationships lacked what I wanted or needed.  I was searching for that happiness, peace, and joy that I thought I could find in the “right” person.  But my problem was that I was looking at the wrong people.  That happiness, peace, and joy could only be found in one person, Jesus. And that became real to me in August 2004.

After ending my six-year relationship, I realized that I was “looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces” as the old Johnny Lee song goes.  I came to a place of desolation and brokenness in my life.  I was completely empty inside.  It had everything to do with my running from the Lord all these years trying to find in other people and things what He freely offers.  For so many years I was so scared of what I was going to have to give up and do if I followed the Lord that I walked away from Him trying to find my own happiness and joy…and do it MY way.  Well, MY way was wrong, empty, and not what He desired at all. I finally gave my life to Jesus and asked Him to help me. I asked him to help me find wholeness and my purpose. I needed healing and restoration from the same-sex attractions and pursuits that I’d had all these years.  So after 15 years of actively living as a lesbian, the Lord worked a miracle in my life.  He transformed my life, replaced wrong, lustful, habitual thoughts with pure ones; replaced desires for same-sex intimacy with natural, God-ordained ones; and gave me a testimony so I could reach other women who are dealing with those same struggles. I am blessed now more than ever because I know in my heart I am in His Will and am living the life He intended…a life more abundant (John 10:10).  Joel 2:25 says that “the Lord will replace and restore for you the years the locusts have eaten.”  That is so true—all those years I “lost” trying to live MY way and pursue avenues that were not intended by God have been replaced by wonderful, godly relationships with other men and women, including a strong, godly woman who is my best friend and partner in ministry, Kim Broadhead.  I have a supportive, loving church family, and I have also had areas of my relationships restored with my own family.  The Lord brought me to Hope for Wholeness in 2005 to partner with them in ministering as the Women’s Leader to women and girls who want help and support in overcoming their struggles. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have made the choices I made but God has turned it around and given me hope. He dusted off the old me and gave me a new life in Him that is better than I could have imagined! What a blessing.


A Call from Canada

The talks I had with you late last year were so encouraging and helpful. Your openness and life were and are an inspiration to me. In fact, you were the main catalyst in getting me to sit down and talk openly with my wife about my current temptations and struggles. I am so grateful for your help.

—Guy, Canada

Mother of a 16 year Old Son Helped by Truth

I finally understood exactly how and why my son was struggling with his own identity and was not simply a choice he had made. Finally being able to talk to someone and understanding that this same-sex attraction was not a choice but was rather the outcome of many different situations and circumstances that he faced from a very early age. I felt as if McKrae had some secret insight into our lives because what he was describing was indeed our lives.

After only 4 weeks of counseling I can see many great things happening with my son. He is more secure in who he is and has begun to understand how and why he is where he is today. Understand that he still has a long road ahead of him and many struggles that he will face daily and probably for the rest of his life but I have faith that with continued counseling and prayer that God will be faithful in helping him with these struggles.

-Mother of a 16 year old son helped by Truth

A Young Man Helped by Hope for Wholeness

The group meetings are one of the best things I have found to help with my problems. Everyone has shown me love from the first time I walked in the door. I’m not one who shares his problems with people, but the first night these people made me feel so loved that I couldn’t help but tell them what I was going through. These are people that understand my struggles and problems. They are there just to love you and show you they care. I feel as if I’m a part of something with Hope for Wholeness, and I have TRUE friends for the first time in my life. God knew what he was doing when he brought Interim Directorand Hope for Wholeness into my life.

Hope for Wholeness is not just somewhere you go to get help; these are people that you will have around you for a lifetime if you let them be there. That is what I have come to see. These are people that, when you are having a bad day, you can call; they are there to pray with you and for you. These are people who, when you have struggles (as we all will have) want you to call them so they can help. I’ve never met so many people who just want to love you and show you what God can do if you let Him. I have grown so much closer to God through Hope for Wholeness and what it stands for.

—a young man helped by Hope for Wholeness

This ministry will be the result of a seed of "Truth" that set me free!

- Fomer Hope for Wholeness Leader

A Former Leader of Truth

The short time I spent with Truth Ministries (now Hope for Wholeness) as a counselor opened the door to further the healing process in my life. Truth led me to talk to my parents and others that I would have never spoken to about my past. Doing so broke all the chains once and for all!

Praise the Lord. With those final chains gone the Lord could finally use me to fulfill a dream He had planted deep within my soul many years ago. This ministry will be the result of a seed of “Truth” that set me free!

Phone Counseling of a Marriage in Crisis

I wanted to drop you a short note to say a big “Thank You!” for yesterday. I appreciate the care you have shown for our marriage and well being. You have gone way beyond being just a our counselor and have become a friend to us as well.

I am thankful for what you stand for, your transparency and willingness to relate to me, and to never cross your boundaries. Your professionalism far exceeds your years.  Most of all thanks for your sound advice, and your compassion toward us. Your generosity and self-sacrifice shows your heart for the ministry and a love for people. Be safe in your travels and God bless you.

—Tim from Mississippi

Walking Away from an Eight Year Homosexual Relationship

McKrae, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys have done for me.  You were such a blessing to me that day and you helped me to make that step out in faith and truly trust in God. This has truly been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, but I know that I’ll make it through with the Lord by my side. He has shown me in so many ways that he has always been here with me. Everyone I have met through Hope for Wholeness has truly been a great blessing to me.

a man helped by Hope for Wholeness

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