Brady Cone's Story

Brady Cone’s Story

Brady Done Director

Brady Cone

Just eight short years ago I was a college student at Chadron State, and I was living a homosexual lifestyle. I had struggled with these issues since a young age and thought I was trapped in that lifestyle. Coming to know Christ changed everything! However, Jesus gave me another choice: a life of holiness through Him. Leaving behind a world of homosexuality was the most difficult thing that I have ever done, but through it, God has given me new life and freedom in ways I never dreamed.

Did God magically take away my struggle with same sex attraction (SSA)? No. But, He did two huge things in my life that helped me away from my gay life:

First, He gave me a new identity. He showed me that I am not defined by my struggle, my feelings, or by the labels that society gives me. I am defined only by the fact that I am His child!

Next, He gave me power. He showed me that through the power of the Holy Spirit, I have the ability to wake up every day and choose to live a life that is pure, holy, and honoring to Him, no matter what feelings and attractions I have.

It has been 8 years since I have walked away from my former life. It has been an up and down journey, but God has shown me that through my obedience in denying myself, He gives me life in ways that the world never could.

I still have SSA, but through the hope I have in Jesus, God has given me the ability to deny myself on a daily basis. I know am able to minister to others who struggle with SSA, and also to friends and family members of those who do.

God has given me a story. It is a story that begins with heartache, pain, and brokenness. And it ends with hope and redemption. He has called me to share my story with anyone who will listen, and He keeps giving me opportunities to do so. Through sharing my story, I hope to give people a glimpse of what it is like to deal with SSA, which call them to show love and compassion to the gay community and anyone with SSA. I also want them to see the Gospel in my story. I want them to see what denying ourselves looks like, and how Jesus changes the way that we live.

Usually after sharing my story, I have people who contact me wanting help. Most of my contact with them is through email, since they usually don’t live in the town or state that I do. But I try to encourage them and point them to resources that may help.

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