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Are You Willing to Come Out for Hope for Wholeness?

Last month, I wrote an article titled Coming Out.  I shared how I encourage everyone to establish and share with a community of Christ followers in their life on all the issues in their life, based on James 5:16.  I had a few people write me back questioning me on

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Straight Forward Ministries Missions Report

SFM is a referral ministry of Hope for Wholeness in Augusta, GA Last month I was blessed to travel to the Dominican Republic (DR).  Through one of my visits to being on WGGS TV16 in Greenville, SC  in February 2011, I was able to meet Rev. Mitchell Martinez and his wife

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Coming Out

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “coming out of the closet.”  This typically refers to those who  announce that they have lived or struggled secretly with homosexuality. Some of my critics have said that I am a closet homosexual and that we at Hope for Wholeness are encouraging people to

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  • Culture Change and the Youth of Today

Culture Change and the Youth of Today

The Lord birthed Hope for Wholeness in my heart many years ago when I surrendered my life to Him. I remember meeting Christian musician, Phil Driscoll, as I walked away from the stage after that Sunday service in Tampa, Florida.  I was crying as he shook my hand and asked

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2011 in Review, Looking at 2012

The past few weeks our phones have been very busy with family members, particularly parents of teens, calling in. Besides one local family, one family drove from Virginia, one from Charlotte, and one from lower state SC. These young men are in the battle of their life as the culture

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She demonstrated that love daily and never more so than the day I finally opened my whole heart to her.

- Tony Moore

The Day the Three of Us Got Married

I have been married to a wonderful woman for over 30 years - years filled with many different trials and joys mostly because of a third person that was involved. See, our marriage was a bit like the story of Beauty and the Beast in reverse. Judy thought she had

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