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Equipping the Church

Recently, my son and I took a trip to Georgia to display Hope for Wholeness and Hope For Wholeness at a Baptist youth conference.  I wrote a blog about this experience and have posted a portion of it in this newsletter.  I would encourage you to follow my blog and

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  • Hope For Wholeness 2012 Conference Report

Hope For Wholeness 2012 Conference Report

This year’s conference beat expectations by far. The worship, teaching, drama, and testimonies were over-the-top good!  Acts of Renewal certainly stole the show.  You can see one of the performances in the video links provided.  Alan Chambers’ message at the conference was absolutely on target. I was again reminded of

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We Care about You and about Families

A Conference and Banquet for those needing encouragement & more information Almost every single day, we get calls, emails, and Facebook messages from hurting parents.  When we set up our display at events, I almost always have the chance to speak with a parent, family member, or loved one who is

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My Statement on Alan Chambers

While an opposing group is calling for Exodus President’s resignation At the first of this year, Alan Chambers told me and others that he was going to be participating in the GCN (Gay Christian Network) panel discussion, and I encouraged him to do so.   At the time, I believed it was

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Are we to continue to struggle with Same-Sex Attractions?

I will not attempt to get into the current battle on theology that surrounds Exodus and Alan Chambers.  I do not believe you can lose your salvation, but honestly, there are many scriptures that cause me to draw short of proclaiming absolute confidence to any unrepentant person.  I do not understand

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Alan Chamber’s addresses recent controversy surrounding Exodus

June 27th, 2012; 2012 Exodus Freedom Conference opening night, Minneapolis MN; Northwestern College. Conference title —’Made For More.’  There were over 600 in attendance from all over the world. There are a lot of things that are written and said about Exodus on a regular basis.  And if you’ve been following along

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Excerpt from the Gay Christian Network panel

(This is NOT a group that is in any way aligned with Exodus) *Justin Lee: “…many of Exodus’s member ministries are promising people that they will change and get referrals from Exodus.   And, several people who wrote questions in said, this is problematic, cause it seems like Exodus, or at least

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Exodus—A Shift towards honesty and away from Reparative Therapy

There has been much talk about a distinct “shift” in language over the last six months within Exodus that has surrounded Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International.  This shift within Exodus began last year in a Lisa Ling interview on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) when Alan was asked

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An Online Group For You!

We've started four "secret" Facebook communities for Hope for Wholeness’s current and past clients and two others for Hope For Wholeness leaders and participants. We work with many in different capacities, and we've moved to utilize Facebook as another way to help reach out, minister, and work with you. Facebook is

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Ever get discouraged?

I know, stupid question maybe.  I must admit that two days this week were very difficult for me. The first day I left the office early and spent time with my family. The second day, I called two friends on the way to work.  I was fighting discouragement and literally

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