April Voice of Hope

April Voice of Hope

Dear Friend,
Are you READY to join us at our June 1-5 conference at Ridgecrest? We would love for you to be there! We don’t exaggerate to say it’s “The experience of a lifetime!” It all begins with a leaders’ conference on Wednesday, then the general conference starts Thursday morning.

We strategically fill every day and evening with a balance of worship, testimonies, teachings, and special times of social interaction, including opportunities to rest. Our desire is that when the conference is over, each person knows this: they are not alone! We want them to leave having hope, and knowing they are part of something special—a community of like-minded believers passionately pursuing Christ.

Our freedom to gather together as Christians who are walking away from homosexuality is a blessing, but that is not the case in many other countries. Here’s one young man’s story of what it’s costing him to come to our conference, and how your gifts are transforming lives.

A gentleman from Australia has been emailing us for a few weeks. He feels isolated in his country and when he came across our website, he felt hope! He reached out to us and expressed his desire to attend our upcoming conference. He was trying to figure out how to make it. Thanks to one of our ministry partners, we were able to give him his registration. He was excited! He told us that he had already sold his car to cover the travel and expenses, and his registration was the remaining piece of the puzzle in him making the trip. 
We have amazing people we work with! People like Jason, featured in this month’s newsletter, do not always see what the Father sees in them when initially attending a Hope for Wholeness conference. But as they experience Jesus’ great love through His people at the conference, they shine! 

Would you help us to continue our efforts and help more men and women experience freedom in Christ? We hope you will join us at the conference, and we hope you will prayerfully give towards our conference scholarship fund so other’s, like our new friend from Australia, can attend. Thank you!

In order to serve you all, our small staff is working franticly towards getting ready for the conference—there’s so much planned that I don’t have space to share, so please check-out all the details on our website. We hope to see YOU at the conference!
NOTE: We’ve made a number of changes to our newsletter mailings, which means you are either on our monthly (active contributors), or quarterly (inactive contributors) mailing list. Additionally, we’ve moved to a verified mailing system (hence the new bar code). Our fantastic Office Manager, Nylene Wilds, diligently went through our database, and she found many people who had never been added to our list. WELCOME! Please let us know your interest in remaining on our list by sending in the enclosed reply card, so we can know how to best manage your information. Thank you! 

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