Albert Mohler: Homosexuality Comments reflect Scripture

Albert Mohler’s follow-up comments to SBC Convention

LOUISVILLE, KY (June 24, 2011) – Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. says comments he made about homosexuality at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting reflect biblical teaching, and his remarks are receiving support from two prominent evangelical leaders who minister to the homosexual community.

In his June 15 comments at the SBC meeting, Mohler — president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. — said Christians have “not done well on this issue,” have told only “half the truth” regarding homosexuality and have practiced a “certain form of homophobia.” He went on to say it’s “clear that it’s more than a choice” and is “not something that people can just turn on and turn off.” He also was clear in calling homosexuality a sin.

“We are not a Gospel people unless we understand that only the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ gives a homosexual person any hope of release from homosexuality,” Mohler told messengers.

The three-plus minute answer — in response to a question by Georgia messenger Peter Lumpkins — has received support from Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, and from Bob Stith, the Southern Baptist Convention’s national strategist for gender issues and the representative of the convention’s Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals.

But Mohler’s comments were called confusing in some circles, with others saying they wondered if he had changed his beliefs.

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