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Daniel Mingo Executive Director

Daniel Mingo
Executive Director

Abba's Delight

Abba's Delight is a Christian ministry in the Louisville, KY area. For individuals contacting us, we offer assistance and support to those who wish to overcome unwanted same sex attractions, and to families and friends impacted by homosexuality.

Mission: Abba's Delight was established to provide ministry opportunities through a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church to those who are sexually broken. Combining God the Father's love of His children with a program of structured learning, teaching, accountability and interpersonal relationships within the Body of Christ, Abba's Delight provides a foundation for healing, maturity and sexual purity to those struggling with unwanted same sex attractions. Additionally, Abba's Delight is equipped to minister to spouses, parents, families and friends, whose lives have been impacted by homosexuality. Pastors and churches can benefit by educating themselves through Abba's Delight in effective ways to minister in their own congregations, and by providing a safe and welcoming environment to strugglers desiring to overcome homosexual attractions, which will aid in fostering growth and maturity in their Christian walk.

Abba's Delight is a Christian, Biblically-based ministry, interdenominational in nature. As a not-for-profit organization, it seeks to be funded by donations from churches, individuals, businesses and from ministry service fees.

Daniel's Story: Beyond Surviving

Daniel Mingo
P O BOX 991752, Louisville, KY,40269


Approved for working with Youth. Background Check on file.

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