Monthly Archives : April 2016

Lost an trapped in HOMOSEXUALITY

I struggle with men, lust, porn, in homosexuality. I am 43. I got saved at age 18, thanksgiving day. I sold my self, worked in gay bath houses, porn stores, gay bars, and after hours clubs. I struggle with male addiction and sexual desire/ sex addiction, men, and gay porn.

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our daughter

Pray that our daughter, Emma actively works on rejecting her desire for girls. Help her see it is a sin and separates her from God. She is saved, help her to be in the good of her salvation and reject these feelings and become the woman that God wants her

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April Voice of Hope

April Voice of Hope Dear Friend, Are you READY to join us at our June 1-5 conference at Ridgecrest? We would love for you to be there! We don’t exaggerate to say it’s “The experience of a lifetime!” It all begins with a leaders’ conference on Wednesday, then the general conference starts

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