Monthly Archives : February 2016

Prayers for my son

Our 17 year old son, EMMANUEL, is bright, sweet and very sensitive, and is attracted to other boys. We found out over a year ago and it has been a difficult journey. We raised him in the faith and he even was homeschooled at some point. He rejects and refuses any help or

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What the Church needs: Community

What the Church needs: Community My Experience at Hope for Wholeness’s Annual Conference By Mark Buzard, Lisbon OH If you have ever gone on any kind of Christian retreat or stayed at a Christian camp, I believe that is a bit what community looks like, though more than that. When I think about

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Prayers for my daughter

I am asking for prayers for my daughter. She struggles with homosexuality and gender confusion. She was raised as a Christian. She asked Jesus into her heart. She has turned her back on Him and embracing homosexuality and now she has started living and dressing as a man. She takes

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