Monthly Archives : May 2015

Prayer Request

I'm 43 and have never been in a relationship.  Please be in prayer that God brings me a woman companion for loving relationship in Jesus name, Amen.  Also, pray that God brings me a relationship exceedingly and abundantly above what I can imagine in Jesus name, Amen.

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Can’t find support

Hi, I have been out of the life for almost 10 years. At least to the extent that I don't have contact with the gay communities and no sexual contact in that time. But it's all been on my own and I've struggled the whole time with porn. I have

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You ARE a Masterpiece in Process!

You ARE a Masterpiece in Process! By McKrae Game The issue of homosexuality and same-sex attraction is complicated, frustrating, exhausting, confusing, and more. Parents hear that their son or daughter is gay and their mind is blown. Their worst fears and often their suspicions have been realized. They've hoped it isn't

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