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Be The Change That You Want To See

Today's video blog uses the song "Be The Change" by Shuree to speak about getting past ourselves to be the change that you want to see. #HFWN Shuree - Be The Change  Click to watch/listen From the album Be The Change (Single) Turn on the TV Everything is empty So sick and tired of the

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Please pray

I am a youth pastor and have struggled with homosexuality all my life and I believe God was talking to me telling me that there is something else out there for me.  Please pray I can move past this part in my life and please pray for strength. Thanks.

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Masturbation—What is the right & wrong view?

Masturbation—What is the right & wrong view? Is it addiction?  How can I get past it? By McKrae Game For many men and women, masturbation is an area that brings deep shame, which often drives an addictive cycle of medicating emotional wounds and confused feelings of God’s believed disappointment. Masturbation- What does scripture say

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Is the Culture War Over? By McKrae Game

This past week our phones started ringing from local media, wanting comments on the 4th District Court of Appeals' ruling that struck down Virginia’s ban on gay marriage. North Carolina and South Carolina have similar bans and are also in the 4th district. North Carolina’s Attorney General said that he will no longer defend their ban,

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Can Anyone Really Understand

Have you ever wondered if anyone can understand and relate to our struggle and what we've gone through? Is it hard for you to understand other? I challenge you to try to hang with me through a complex analogy.    

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