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Get Up and Get Started

Today I talk about a three day counseling help that I ventured on with a guy that reached out for help. What do you need to work on? Who do need to reach out to? Get Up and Get Started!

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Conference Reflections by McKrae

Conference Reflections by McKrae Hope Rising was amazing! We had approximately 150 participants overall, with a great many first timers. One couple from Moscow, who had come to previous Exodus conferences, were in attendance and were thankful that we had picked up the torch to continue the much needed network of

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Hope Rising Saved Our Marriage

Hope Rising Saved Our Marriage Two years ago I contacted McKrae and came to him for help at his office in Spartanburg.  I was scared to death! I drove over an hour to get there.  Would someone I know see me? When I sat down with McKrae, he was kind but direct. 

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Hope IS Rising By Dennis Jernigan

I’ve been to many conferences - both Exodus and otherwise - over the past 20-some-odd-years...and I must say, this was one of the greatest conferences I have ever been privileged to be a part of. I must also be honest and say that I did not want to be a

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