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Sin Doesn’t Pay But You Will

By McKrae Game Tempted to act out? Remember that Jesus IS there!! If you are a born again believer, then Jesus IS there. He’s WHEREVER you are or go. You are grafted into the vine!! You CANNOT walk away from Him. You might FEEL you have but its ONLY a FEELING.

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Chris in Clarksville, TN

I need to deny fleshly appetites. I need accountability friends. I need to seek support for my HIV recent diagnosis, and I need to seek God's Will over my own ambitions. I am in Clarksville, TN area and feel that there needs to be a future exgay ministry in this town, there

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Pray for my son

Please pray for my 24 year old son. He has always been called "gay" because of his effeminate behavior and therefore, he feels he is gay. He has had a relationship but not openly. He will not say he is gay, and becomes very angry with me if I talk

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Getting Away Sometimes is a Need

Getting Away Sometimes is a Need Video 6:11. Today I share from behind the wheel.  Don't worry, kept my focus on the road. Me taking the wrong turn and getting lost on this road (which I found out after this video was over) was the GPS's fault. Was rather humorous. Sometimes

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Michael Sams Comes Out.

By McKrae Game First off, I'd like to say that I don't want to write a blog on yet another person coming out. It gets old responding to what has now become a cliche. “I'm gay” is the newest way to join the drumbeat of where the culture is going of

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Fear Not

Watch another video from my ski trip, from the top of a black diamond I'm getting ready to head down. What are you afraid of? We ALL have fears. God tells us over 100 times to not fear. What fruit has fear barred for any of us other than to hold

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