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Happy Thanksgiving!

By McKrae Game Today’s video, I’m putting up Christmas lights on the roof. There’s well wishes, talk about why I’m a Christmas nut, and invite you to our Christmas party at my home, if you’ve ever been a part of Truth or Hope. Dec 13. RSVP at Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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What Is Church For?

By McKrae Game Pastors ask me all the time, “how should the church respond?” Today’s video blog answers that question a little differently. I hope you’ll watch and share with others. Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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Rising from the Ashes by Adam Woods

Rising from the Ashes Rising from the Ashes Conference Recap. By Adam Woods OneByOne, Executive Director In a room full of ministry leaders Christine Sneeringer brought the crowd into fits of laughter as she shared about her journey coming out of homosexuality, “I wish I could tell you that my pastor waved a magic

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What’s the Point?

By McKrae Game Please watch today’s blog. Hope you like, but if not that’s fine too:). Let’s be transformative by being real. I won’t and don’t always talk about struggling but I do talk about things on a personal level that most do not and that won’t change. Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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Mirrored Glasses Part One

By McKrae Game Mirrored Glasses.  Are we self absorbed?  I can be.  Today’s blog is an apology, if you need it and an encouragement to get out of your world to reach out to others.  Be encouraged. Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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