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Delieverance From homosexual lust

I am a 25 year old man and for most of my life I have battled with a confused sexual identity and strong feelings of homosexual lust. I am addicted to pornography, especially gay pornography. I constantly repent only to find myself overcome by homosexual lust in a week or

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Admitting to Struggling

By McKrae Game Memorial Day and Labor Day seem to be days of labor for me.  When I’m not at work, I’ve got endless tasks that need to be done.  When you don’t have enough money to pay landscapers, handy men or painters, you’re it.  My mom also helps us out

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Worry is a Choice!

By McKrae Game Worry, worry, stress and fear, anxiety, terror. There’s a Will Smith movie coming out that’s this future version of Earth gone bad. He tells his son, “Danger is very real, but Fear is a CHOICE.” Love It! SO TRUE!! But how much more so with God? If you

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By McKrae Game Went to 3 Home Depots with Seth, in 3 hours to get materials to finish our porch; got son to church; sat in a lighting storm for 45 minutes to pick him up; he said that there were 500 kids there and 1/3 of them got saved; he

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We are All Oklahomans Today

By McKrae Game How are we to respond to Moore Oklahoma being flattened? As I woke up this morning, “51 so far counted dead, 20 children in local school” was on my phone’s screen. As I saw the devastation on the news last night, I was amazed and bewildered, and I

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To Serve an Audience of One

By McKrae Game I care WAY too much about what people think of me! I care way too much that people approve of me, my writings, what I look like, how I’m perceived. You wouldn’t think so. I know I put on a good front. I remember Tim Tebow saying at

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