We Know, We Know!!!

We Know, We Know!!!

Read Ecclesiastes Chapters 7 and 8

Ecc 7:25 So I turned my mind to understand, to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly.

Ecc 8:8 No man has power over the wind to contain it; so no one has power over the day of his death. As no one is discharged in time of war, so wickedness will not release those who practice it.

We who have spent considerable amount of time indulging ourselves in unholy same-sex acts well know the truth to these verses. They describe well the truth about our particular brand of wickedness. The writer of Ecclesiastes decided to study wickedness in order to understand it more clearly. We don’t know what measures he took to accomplish that, but the conclusions he came to will bear out the fact that his search was fruitful. At the end of his search, he did indeed find out the truth about it.

  1. Wickedness is stupidity. I too discovered this truth, the hard way, by experience. All of my years of engaging in same-sex acts came to nothing. Those pursuits always ended badly – even the momentary enjoyment was self-defeating. After the pleasure of the acts, the loneliness, pain, suffering and shame haunted me far beyond any worth which was found temporarily. To engage in same-sex acts is a huge display of stupidity.
  2. Wickedness is madness. I would describe madness here as the pursuit of something which is known to end badly. Even as I slowly learned how poorly my stupidity served me, I kept going back to it as though this time the experience would end in bliss. To willingly pursue that which will destroy or hurt is, simply, madness.
  3. Wickedness is folly. This truth has been covered fully in another devotional. In my mind, folly is the pursuit of something without giving it due thought. The foolish man goes after something without weighing out the pros and cons of the consequences. He has no idea that he is chasing folly.
  4. Wickedness will not release those who practice it. Ask any Christian SSA man or woman how difficult it is to escape the trap of homosexuality, once it has been practiced for a great length of time. Giving up same-sex actions was the most difficult undertaking that I have ever experienced. Its grip is relentless, even to continuing its allurement long after one’s escape from it.

Although we know these things, we still find ourselves vulnerable at times to return to our stupidity, madness, and folly. We must remain diligent for the remainder of our lives to stay strong, reminding ourselves daily that the truth must be followed rather than our enemy’s pathway. The writer perhaps stated another truth without realizing it, or maybe he did know. He compared the compulsion of wickedness with the compulsory obligation of being a soldier at war. It is practically impossible to get out of either one.

What the writer may not have known, is that the battle against one’s propensity to sin is a war. Again, we know this. We have been at war against out same-sex attractions for a long time. That war may wage within us for a long time. The battles will not necessarily always be as difficult as they perhaps are in the beginning. But the end of the war will only come at the end of our journey on earth. Let’s not be stupid, mad, or foolish; let’s continue to wage that war which we know we will win. Christ will make sure that we do.

Prayer: Thank You for understanding that we are weak. Thank You for loving us despite that knowledge. We don’t understand why You are so merciful to us, but we are eternally grateful that You are.

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