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A Conference and Banquet for those needing encouragement & more information

Almost every single day, we get calls, emails, and Facebook messages from hurting parents.  When we set up our display at events, I almost always have the chance to speak with a parent, family member, or loved one who is in pain and sometimes in tears. They hurt for the dashed hopes of their child or loved one, the confusion and fear that they have over homosexuality, and the possible consequences of “choices” made by their loved one. We get contacted from all over the country and sometimes from outside the US, because there are so few ministries like Hope for Wholeness. Many states and countries have no outreach. Because we are in the office full-time, we are equipped to respond to these many phone calls and emails. Our Hope For Wholeness curriculum also gives us a unique advantage. It is easy for people who need help to find us due to our active web presence and because of numerous referrals by churches and Exodus International.

We’ve had incredible opportunities.  It is difficult to hear the stories from those who are in the depths of so much pain.  We want to, and often do, cry with them.  We don’t join them in any anger, but quickly try to calm things and minister to them in their hurt.

Recently, I had the opportunity to set our display up at the Apologetics conference, led by North Greenville University, with speakers Josh McDowell, Dinesh D’Souza, Ken Ham, and many other national speakers and authors.  We gave away many free DVDs promoting Hope For Wholeness, many printed testimonies, conference fliers, and had many meaningful conversations with people who wanted to know more.

I was taken by one particular mother, named Mara-Lee.  She was hurting so much for her 25 year old daughter.  She gave me permission to use her name and to write about her, as everyone in her life and her daughter’s life knows about their situation.  We spoke for a good while, as she shared the story of her daughter’s life and situation. Unlike some other parents I’ve met, she had so much hope regarding the situation and so much love for her daughter and her partner. She said, “I know that there will come a time when my daughter’s friend will no longer be a part of her life, and I will be sad because I will miss her.” She said that she knows that this will take place, “because God has a plan for her (daughter’s) life.” Her love and her hope for her daughter and even her daughter’s partner was very compelling.

After we shared, I prayed for her, her daughter, and her daughter’s partner.  Each time any of us encounters someone in pain, we don’t say, “I’ll be praying,” but instead we take time to pray for them right then.  I want people to know that Christ is the hope and the answer and that He is there for them.  He’s the One that is going to be with them after they leave me or any of us.

I hope you are planning to come to our November conference.  We want an opportunity to minister to you, your family, and anyone that the Lord brings our way.  You may have a daughter and her partner or a son and his friend, and think “they’d never come to that.”  Well, you don’t know unless you ask.  We’re not trying to condemn anyone or even convince anyone.  We want to share the hope that we have in Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  He’s the one that does the convincing and the changing.  He is the one that is already working on your behalf and on your family member’s heart.  I pray that you would be bold and loving as you invite them to come.  Feel free to tell them that I promise them that they will feel compassion and care from our speakers. They may not agree with everything that is shared, but I believe that they will hear love in our hearts that is from Jesus to them.   Regardless of whether they come or not, I hope you will. You will find that same compassion and love.

Would you please help us spread the word about this conference?

This is going to take courage. We have a very short time to get the word out and WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Would you tell your pastor or someone on your church staff about this event, and ask them to promote this event in your church? We really need this to happen in many churches.  There are people in your congregation that need to know about this opportunity, and you are their chance to learn about it.  We have a PowerPoint graphic to use in church. The insert that is enclosed with this newsletter is available in quantities as needed.

The conference will be an opportunity for you to learn how to more effectively love your child or loved one, how to share God’s love to those that are homosexual, how to witness to them, and much, much more.  We want to minister to you and to your loved ones, and to those that are struggling with this issue.  If you are struggling yourself, you will be greatly encouraged and challenged by these two events—the conference and the banquet.

Please plan now to attend.  There is a $10 discount for registering before the October 16. If you can sponsor a table at the banquet, please do, and invite those you know to sit at your table or we’ll help you fill it.  We need your help! However, if you need our assistance in attending, partial scholarships are available. Contact us for more information.

Come, be challenged, be encouraged, be ministered to, worship the Lord with those of us that have been affected by this issue, and KNOW that the Lord God knows of your situation and cares.  There is hope and there is freedom in Him!

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