Turning Bad into Good

Turning Bad Into Good

Read Psalm Chapter 90

Ps 90:10 The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty, if we have the strength; yet their span is but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.

In a former devotional from a while back, we looked at Psalm chapter 88. It was quite a depressing message, as the writer poured out his lament before God. Fortunately, this chapter, although also a bit depressing, is a more realistic look at life. The writer here, who is Moses, lays out a little more hope than the writer of chapter 88.

This particular verse sums up the whole of a man’s lifespan. He states that it is full of trouble and sorrow, and that it quickly passes. As I studied this chapter, and thought about the plight of the writer of chapter 88, something occurred to me. All of the trials and troubles we have in this life more often than not serve a good purpose. I’m not saying that God designed them this way, but He may have done so. Regardless, they serve a great purpose in forcing a man to choose; whether to look to the Lord for his supply, or to turn to our enemy for his supply. Every man is going to face difficulty in life.

As we observe those about us, we see both ends of the spectrum. We see some who, in their desperation, have diligently sought the Lord for comfort, solace, and for an answer to their problems. We see others who, in the midst of their plight, have shaken their fist at God and cursed Him for allowing them to fall upon hard times. Tribulation does serve a purpose. It causes man to make a decision. He must decide how to handle the adversity which has been dealt to him. He can humble himself before God, or he can blame God.

The same kind of division occurs within the SSA community. Some, such as you and I, have seen our struggle with same-sex attractions drive us toward Him. We have come to understand that He is our only hope. We have diligently sought God to give us comfort and peace in the middle of our sexual turmoil. We have realized that in Him there is a way to battle and overcome this temptation that has tried to overwhelm our entire being. Although we have at times been overwhelmed by it, we have continued to look to Christ for deliverance and freedom from homosexuality. We haven’t seen the completed picture as yet, but we continue to travel the road which will ultimately lead us there.

And then there is the other side. Many more men and women have chosen the other road. They have looked at God and said, “You could have prevented this.” Or, “If You were really God, You would have prevented this.” Some even say, “If there were a God, there would not be so many troubles and trials in this world. He wouldn’t have allowed it.” And in regard to SSA, some have said, “If God doesn’t allow me to indulge in same-sex acts, I reject Him and His word.”

I cannot claim any credit for having chosen to seek God rather than to deny Him or disbelieve Him. I truly don’t remember any time of life when I was faced with a choice to turn to God or to dismiss Him. I have always believed all that I ever heard about God, even those things which were untrue (early in life). Even in my times of extremely weak faith, I stuck with my quest for Him. But I do know some people who have faced a moment in time when they chose to believe in Christ and His Father. They have made a decision, one way or the other. Some of my family members (some distant relatives) have chosen to disbelieve.

We who have sought God for solace and comfort with our SSA are very fortunate. Our tribulation has forced us toward Him instead of away from Him. We have discussed this in other devotionals; our same-sex attractions have served a useful purpose in our lives. As bad as it is, I would much prefer to have been forced toward God, than to have been a heterosexual who falsely believed that I could control my fleshly desires without His power behind me.

All of our earthly trials should lead us to the feet of our Savior, and force us to remain close to Him for the remainder of our lives.

Prayer: We pray for our brothers and sisters who have chosen to blame You or deny You, because of their same-sex attractions. We ask You to continue to woo them to You for as long as they live; for as long as there remains any hope for them. Thank You for Your loving watch-care over us, and even for the circumstances which led us to know that we could not survive without Your presence in our lives.




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