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Thank you for your Participation with this year's HFW Conference!

Let's make this Year's HFW Conference Amazing!

You have stepped up to the plate to make this year's HFW Conference one of the best ever. We're SO EXCITED to have your help and support!

Many will be coming to our conference as their first ever. Many will have been coming to these types of conferences for years and years. Regardless, many will be coming downcast, hurting, confused, lonely, needing friendship, and certainly needing to feel and hear from the Lord. We have a unique opportunity to be a part of what the Lord WILL DO in their lives while they are with us. We have a unique opportunity to look for and reach out to these special people that God will be sending our way. Will you help us to make it special for them, and a "life changing experience?"

Start now praying for them. You don't need to know their names, God does. Pray for all those that have all the excuses in the world of why they can't come. Pray that the Lord work through the excuses and gets them there. Be praying that the Lord prepare your heart, my heart, and the heart of all the leaders and participants.

Each year, this conference is a HUGE undertaking for a small number of people, especially the local staff.  If you have any ideas at all, please do not hesitate to jot them down and get them to us during the conference, or after the conference. We want to hear from you.

If you have the capacity to partner with Hope for Wholeness, please do. We need your support. If you know of anyone who has such capacity, would you please speak with them about doing so? Would you consider speaking with your church about adding Hope for Wholeness to their missions budget? We need scholarship money. This is so important!

Regardless of your capacity to give financially or connections, what you've just signed up to do is HUGE and we're EXCITED!

The time is counting down, so let's get ready. Can't WAIT to see you!

In His service,

Hope for Wholeness

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