Stress & Struggle… Come Lord Jesus

By McKrae Game

IMG_0296I had a tough time last night.  I came home from work brain-dead! Couldn’t even talk! The pulls of work sucked it all out. Had a parent call at 5:30 and I tried to talk a bit, but had to tell him “Other than this, we’ll have to schedule an appointment. I have nothing left.”

The night before I screwed up our YouTube account. I logged in, and it asked me if I was Hope for Wholeness. I said yes, so it renamed my channel and now you can’t find it. Ugh! It super stressed me, on top of the 20 other huge things dominating my mind.

At home, my mind was desperate to escape and act out. I resisted as best as I could but not easily. It didn’t get easier. Exhausted, I fell asleep about 10 o’clock. At 2:30, Odie, our Springer, started his piercing crying. Ugh! I got up and let him out. Of course, he was nowhere to be found to return! I left him out and tried to go back to sleep to no avail. I got up and headed downstairs. I was going to try to fix the YouTube account. My mind was racing, trying to escape. Knowing I couldn’t act out online or fantasize, it was looking for escape routes. I thought, “I need a bathing suit.” (Funny where your mind goes.) I went on Amazon looking at bathing suits. I never fantasized or went anywhere inappropriately, as the boundaries I have set up keep me from going there. Mainly, I worked on YouTube and Google.

At 3:30, the Internet went down. Can you say, “God”?

I let the dog in. He was sitting by the back door. Unfortunately, he won’t run away. I went to bed, still stressed. Now my mind was showing me all the bathing suits in fast forward. Sleep please come! At 4:00 I got up and started texting one of my accountability partners, Rex. I shared with him what I just shared with you. Then I said, “Lord Jesus come!”

I had called to Jesus several times before but couldn’t get past all the junk. After confession to my friend of my extreme stress and search for an escape, I called on Jesus in the text message. The second I type “Come Lord Jesus,” I felt the spirit of The Lord come over me. At that moment, I calmed down realizing that everything would be okay and went right to sleep. Of course the dog started crying again at 6:30. Ugh!

Anyone want a NEEDY 9 yr old Springer?

Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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