Selling Our Truth is Not an Option

Selling Our Truth is Not an Option

Read Proverbs Chapter 23

Pr 23:23 Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding.

There is such great wisdom in the book of Proverbs! Some of the proverbs are considered “generally true,” and others are “absolutely true.” A third category is “simply good advice.” This one is of the latter class. The thoughts in this short verse are some of the best advice that a man can get.

Truth is truth. It doesn’t change. It can be completely relied upon. Once a man obtains it, he can take it to the bank, so to speak. It is a valuable commodity. The writer of Proverbs wisely advises his readers to buy it and never sell it.

How do we “buy” it? First we have to find it, and as you are aware by now, I believe it is found only in God’s word. Once a man finds it in God’s word, he should be willing to sell anything he possesses that is necessary to “purchase” this newfound treasure. Consequently, we must determine to relinquish anything we possess which might stand in our way of obtaining the truth. Our SSA application is simple – we have found that we must “purchase” our truth by our willingness to submit our same-sex desires to Him. We cannot hold on to the idea that our same-sex thoughts and actions are more valuable than the truth.

Once we have submitted that part of our lives to Him and have obtained truth, the writer advises us to “not sell it.” Many have done that. We made a good exchange, gaining a bargain when we first discovered the truth, and it is still the best barter that we have ever made. There was no worth in what we gave up in order to gain the truth, and the value of what we relinquished has not appreciated in value. Therefore, we must steadfastly hang on to the treasure we have purchased. It is more valuable than anything else we could possibly imagine.

The writer added one other admonition – “Get wisdom, discipline, and understanding.” I believe he added this sentence because these three attributes, if obtained, will prevent us from “selling” truth. Once we have solidified those three, there is absolutely no chance that we will ever even consider ‘selling’ our priceless treasure. Wisdom and understanding will consistently tell us that we have made a good trade. They will be our constant reminders that selling our truth is not an option. Discipline will cause us to refresh our wisdom and understanding on a regular, timely basis. That is done by consistently reading and meditating on our truth.

Prayer: Oh Lord, how true! Your ways, Your wisdom and understanding, are far superior to our own. Remind us as often as we need, that we have given up NOTHING in comparison to Your truth.

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