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Rita Smith | Hope for Wholeness | Satellite DirectorRita Smith

Evangel Cathedral Leader

Rita serves the membership of Evangel Cathedral in Spartanburg. Rita's ministry is to anyone struggling for answers on the issue of homosexuality, utilizing the Hope For Wholeness cirriculum. She has a mixed group of family members and strugglers, comprised of individuals that have learned of her ministry through Evangel Cathedral.

Rita contacted Hope for Wholeness for help, seeking answers regarding a gay family member that she had been praying for. Also, her heart was grieved over the way this issue affected a popular singer. She was moved to begin praying for him and his family, but wanting to be as effective as possible in her ministry to these people.

Rita was raised in a loving Christian home where she learned to have a servant's heart toward God's people. She says, "I was taught by two great examples how to care for others. I've learned that I can't fix anyone, but I can point them to the Person who can. Now, I want members of our group to understand the issue of homosexuality well enough to be able to be effective in their ministry wherever they are."


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