Sy in the Hot Seat




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Sy in the Hot Seat

By Sy Rogers

Sy Rogers’ years of experience in media and teaching events are evident in this informative and entertaining audio cd. He gives very straightforward replies to 25 very real and direct questions his audiences ask him most. They cover a range of topics rarely adequately addressed in church culture, such as . . . Is oral sex wrong? Is there any hope for a sexless marriage? What should you say to a loved one if you suspect they’re gay? Could you explain why masturbation is wrong? How does a married couple recover from the effects of pre-marital sex? How can someone have victory over sexual sin for years and then fall—is it because he was never really healed? Do the flashbacks from a history of sexual abuse ever completely go away? Sy, have you ever backslidden?

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Dimensions 5 x 5.5 x .25 in
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