Questions I’m Asked Most About Homosexuality




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Questions I’m Asked Most About Homosexuality

By Sy Rogers

For over two decades I have worked in the specialized and somewhat controversial field of helping those who want to overcome the control of unwanted same-sex attractions.  It has proven to be quite a learning experience!  My own story of sexual healing has been widely publicized, resulting in people contacting me from all over the world.

I’ve discovered that regardless of the contingent or culture, those seeking out understanding about homosexuality generally ask the same questions.  Even though I am no longer in pastoral care in this specific field of ministry, I have learned much in my personal and professional experience that I trust will serve your questions, at least in part.

Currently, there are many excellent clinical and theological books and articles which comprehensively address the homosexual issue, including overcoming the control of unwanted same-sex attractions (some are listed on the resource page in the back of this booklet).

Unfortunately, many of these books are not readily available- or as affordable.  Therefore, this booklet has been prepared as a layman’s response to the questions I’m asked most on this subject.

While far from the last world- and opinions are always subjective at best- it is still my hope that you will find this small booklet of interest and benefit.

-Sy Rogers

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