By McKrae Game

Went to 3 Home Depots with Seth, in 3 hours to get materials to finish our porch; got son to church; sat in a lighting storm for 45 minutes to pick him up; he said that there were 500 kids there and 1/3 of them got saved; he was excited!; asked if he could go back again, tonight; PRICELESS! Regardless of any grief that his developing teen years are causing his parents, the Lord’s Spirit is in that boy. He agreed to go on our Home Depot tour, thinking it was going to be just one (the 2nd one), if I could have him to church in time. We made it back exactly on time. As I put him to bed, I asked him, “What was your favorite part tonight?” He said, “The preaching.” Wow! Praise Him, who is able to take my son through life.

Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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