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Prayer Request | Homosexual, Gay Lifestyle, Lesbianism, Porn, Same Sex Attractions | Freedom through Jesus Christ

Thank you for your prayer request submission. Your prayer and life needs are of utmost concern to us.

If you followed the proper formatting, your prayer request will be added to the website. However, please give time allowance, as this must be manually approved by an administrator. This is only done M-F, during business hours, not during: holidays, vacations, or conference breaks.

If you requested a call, someone will be in touch with you during your requested day/time frame and will only speak with you personally. This service is only done within the United States. Please give time for this request to be routed to a leader. No message will be given about your request for prayer to anyone else answering. We'll not say, "This is John from Hope for Wholeness" unless this is you answering and not to an voicemail.

Formatting requirements:

You must format your prayer request in normal accepted English, with capital letters only where appropriate--NO ALL CAPS. You must also not have your formatting where THEREARENOSPACES. Your prayer request must also be relevant to the issue of homosexuality. We also ask that you proofread, not having broken English. No graphic or offensive language is acceptable, but only loving words that show compassion.

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