Persevering to Honor Him

Seth & CarolinePersevering to Honor Him

By McKrae Game

This past month has honestly been tough for many of us in ministry to those affected by homosexuality. It’s always a struggle for us when we have participants and colleagues that have decided to change their position on the issue of homosexuality. That seems to be happening more now than ever. This is very discouraging for those that looked to those individuals for leadership, since they now are in opposition to those that they once were in fellowship with. Many that we walked with have now come out (again) as gay.

I know personally how difficult this walk is. I’m very open about my ongoing struggles and same-sex attraction. I don’t want to have secrets. I don’t want to portray myself as having it all together and being “done” or “changed,” other than to state what is absolutely true. I do not want the pressure of knowing I’m one thing while falsely portraying something else. I believe that the church has hidden its own sins and temptations from those that struggle with SSA for way too long. I once heard a man say, “I can’t be like them! There’s nothing wrong with them! They don’t struggle like I do!” I told him that this was NOT a true statement.

Some people are just better at hiding it, and oftentimes the best at hiding are in the church. I’ve found this paradigm sometimes causes men and women that struggle with this issue to give up and go back into the lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I love the church, but we all need to get real and show that we have issues too. I still struggle, and so does everyone else living on earth.

To know me, is to know that God and family are my top priorities. I know full well how fortunate I am to have my family and the support system that I do. However, there are many that do not have a family of their own. They get lonely and discouraged, and many live with the secret of their struggle. Helping to support these men and women, and families, is our focus and calling. Hurting people seek us out on a daily basis. They come to us because we are real with them and we walk with them. As they surrender their hearts and lives to the Lord, with our support, it can and does get easier. I was able to see past my struggle to a future that God had for me. Early on this can be a challenge. The battle is easier when we are not alone but are part of a team.

Will you join us in this fight? Consider locking arms with us. We need your help to see this ministry, this network, and our upcoming conference be a source of hope for those in need. With finances low, we have a number of upcoming financial obligations that also need your support. Please prayerfully consider how you can help. Also, pray for us as we are quickly finishing work on my book which focuses on learning to live without secrets.


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