New Truth? New Knowledge?

New Truth? New Knowledge?

Reread 1 Timothy Chapter 6

1Ti 6:20 Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, 21 which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith. Grace be with you.

Don’t you just love it – these new “truths” that are just now being discovered? One can find churches today which have decided that their “knowledge” has shown them some truths which have been hidden for centuries. My estimate – close to half of all churches today are embracing homosexuality as normal and fully sanctioned by God, the Creator of men, women, sex, and marriage. Only the Creator of these things has the authority to declare what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

When a “minister” stands before a congregation and pronounces two men or two women as “husband and wife,” or whatever terms they prefer, that minister is attesting publicly that he or she has fresh and startling knowledge which has been hidden from mankind for the entire total of mankind’s existence. We can list some other examples. How many churches today consider abortion to be sanctioned by God? How many churches allow many sins to flourish within their congregations, unhindered by any kind of biblical acknowledgement?

Paul has something to say to anyone who has decided that they possess enough wisdom to decide that God’s word is in error. It is a startling pronouncement: they have wandered from the faith. He also declares it to be godless chatter and opposing ideas. It is sometimes difficult to understand how mankind has come to believe some of the lies that are widely accepted today.

Even the avowed atheist should be able to see the folly of some of this new knowledge. How can a man not see that abortion is horribly wrong? How can a man not understand that two female bodies are not meant to be joined together, or that two male bodies are not meant to be joined together? Those physical unions belie all the senses of nature itself. Knowledge which says otherwise is not knowledge at all. It is godless chatter which goes against all sensibility of reasoning and wisdom. It is not knowledge at all. It is nonsense!

Even the most primitive tribes of the earth know that same-sex attractions are not acceptable. Even godless Islam knows that. The bible affirms what they know instinctively. If it takes a new work of mankind, a new knowledge, to explain away those truths which have been known from the beginning, then it is a false work.

That does not take away our fleshly desires for such nonsense. Only the Holy Spirit’s presence within a man or woman’s heart can cause them to see through the folly of man’s wisdom and false knowledge. Only His presence within us can give us the desire and willingness to abandon our unholy same-sex actions. Paul has given us the right instruction. We are to turn away from all this godless chatter, opposing ideas, false knowledge, and to cling to our faith and the truths which we learned at first. They have not changed.

Prayer: Lord, but for the grace You have given us, that would be us. We would be wandering away from the faith. God have mercy on all who have done so, and keep us from following their lead. It is tempting. It is often what we would rather believe. Protect us from false truths and false knowledge. They would destroy us.

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