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McKrae and JulieMy Vision for the Future By McKrae Game

Sixteen years ago, in 1999, the Lord laid on my heart to start this ministry. Then it was Truth Ministry, today, Hope for Wholeness. Despite being around for sixteen years, not enough people are aware we exist and finances are. Even in our own hometown of Spartanburg we’re not really well known. This is a reason that we’ve replaced our small ministry sign with a big Hope for Wholeness sign to help get the word out and put the new name in people’s minds. Would you help get the word out? Give this newsletter to your pastor. If you let us know, we’ll be glad to send you extra copies for friends. One of the biggest ways people find out about our ministry is byof mouth, so we need partners that share our visionseeing people walk free from homosexuality to help spread the word.

Our culture is in a constant shift towards promoting sexual promiscuity, specifically homosexuality. This week, we were excited that TLC featured a show called “My Husband’s Not Gay” that featured Mormon men with same-sex attractions that were devoted to their faith. Before airing, over 10,000 calls were made in an attempt to cancel the show. That shows the type of cultural pressure and backlash on those with same-sex attractions that want to live a life that honors God. The show is not available online, but will hopefully be shown again at some point.

While I didn’t think everything about the show was great, I could see much of my life reflected, including my relationship with my wife and family, and my commitment to faith in Christ. I don’t try to hide the fact that, like these men, I continue to have same-sex attractions. Frankly, I think that’s easier for people to understand in today’s world than to say that you’ve “changed.” Yes, I absolutely have changed.Like the men in the show (real life guys), I’m attracted to and satisfied in my wife. However, I’m not attracted to, nor do I desire, any other woman. Frankly, my wife can rest in that. Like these men, if I’m going to struggle (and at times I do), it will be with the same-sex. However, unlike these men, I see this as something to be confessed and repented of as my faith in Christ convicts me of sin. That’s the caseany un-Christlike behavior, whether that might be exaggerating, anger, gossip, or a glance that might become a lustful thought. Many years ago, I learned that I don’t have to sexualize a man, and the intensity of my attractions have lessened for sure. I learned to have healthy relationships with men, and have greatly appreciated these relationships as life-giving and affirming. One thing I appreciated about the TLC show was that these men weren’t hiding. I say all the time in introducing myself, “I’m a former homosexual, however I still have same-sex attractions.” I’m in love with my wife and family, and I wouldn’t change anything. I do not expect my attractions to change towards other women, and frankly don’t care.

My vision for Hope for Wholeness is that we are an honest and God-honoring group of people and ministries that lead people to Jesus.  We are not focused on therapies trying to change people’s attractions. Jesus is the change maker. He changed my heart 24 years ago on the afternoon of February 1, 1991, and I have never gotten over it! I don’t believe God cares what I struggle with, only that I surrender my struggles to Him. God’s not concerned about my failures, just that I know and believe that I’m loved by Him and He has a plan that includes me. He’s got a work for me to do, and sinful behavior isn’t part of that plan. God does, however, use experiences of these failures to help others.

As long as He is our focus, we will accomplish a lot, and people will want to follow. We want them to follow Jesus. Come with us. Join us. Support us. Pray for us. We need your help.


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