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Melanee cropMelanee Lisa Davidson has joined the Hope for Wholeness staff!

McKrae and Nylene were both shocked and excited to hear Melanee, who lived in Tallahassee, FL, share the news with them, “Papa wants me to move to Spartanburg!” (“Papa” is how Melanee lovingly refers to God.)

Melanee attended her first Exodus conference in 2002, and began volunteering at the conferences in 2004. She worked with both McKrae and Tony Moore, when they served as the Volunteer Coordinator. She seemed to always have an enthusiastic smile and willingness to do whatever was needed. She says that’s not always the case, but it’s what we experienced who worked with her.

Just prior to this year’s Hope for Wholeness Conference, Melanee helped edit our 78-page conference program. She and McKrae emailed and talked back and forth between Spartanburg and Tallahassee, until the program was (almost) perfect.

This was the start of a professional editing relationship that continues to this day, except now she’s in Spartanburg, because Papa said to move—so she did!

Melanee experienced homosexual feelings for over 30 years and lived as a radical lesbian feminist for almost 16 years. That all began to change in 1995 when she began her recovery process with Papa.

She graduated from Florida State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), and put her degree to good use in the Human Resources department at The Florida Bar. Since October 2010, she has been unable to work, having been stricken by Lyme disease, Babesia, and Bartonella. To find out how God healed her, you’ll need to read her testimony, “Beautiful Brave Beloved Warrior Princess!

Melanee’s title with us is Ministry Development Coordinator. She will work on a variety of projects, including editing, conference planning, updating the website, managing the Exodus Archives, and much more. She steps forward on a HUGE leap of faith, because Papa is good and can be trusted. McKrae’s mom, Peggy Wakefield, has welcomed Melanee into her home, where she’ll be assisting Mrs. Wakefield in trade for housing. Melanee’s salary will be provided through her fundraising for this position.

Melanee has already added a great deal to Hope for Wholeness, and we’re excited to have her. Please join us in welcoming Melanee on board!

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