Made In God's Likeness

Made In God’s Likeness

Read James Chapter 3

Jas 3:9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness.

Permit me to dig deeper into the thoughts of this passage, and pull out a hidden truth. In this passage, James has much to say about the tongue and speech. His main thought is that our speech is a powerful force and must be tamed. If not tamed, it will become a destructive force. It will either be constructive or destructive. Rarely, if ever, is the tongue a neutral force. In this particular verse, James points out that our tongue can be used to praise God or to curse men.

However, I see a truth, a principle, which carries far beyond the tongue. Here is the same verse paraphrased.

“With our bodies we enter church services, fall on our knees to pray, and serve Christ by doing good deeds in His name. With that same body, we violate the bodies of men who are made in God’s likeness.”

Even though the passage from James is fully devoted to the tongue, isn’t the principle equally applicable to the remainder of our bodies? A great truth can be seen in both the tongue and the body. Can we on one hand use our bodies to serve Christ, and use the same bodies to dishonor man, made in His likeness? Actually, we can and we do. Such should not be the case.

As we look at other men, not with our eyes, but with our soul, what do we see? Do we see an inanimate object which can be used to satisfy our fleshly desires? Or do we see a holy creation of the Father, a man made in in God’s image? The battle takes place in our minds, and we make a choice. We can choose to see a man as a holy, sacred, likeness of God, or we can choose to see someone who is fair game to be used to fulfill our fleshly desires. We know which choice is obviously the right one to make.

Our bodies and the bodies of others are sacred. They are a precious commodity in the eyes of God, their Creator. Let’s assume you are a talented craftsman, and you carve beautiful wooden images of birds. Just as you would treasure each creation that comes from your hands, even more so God treasures each of His creations. He follows their every move from the day they were born to the day they die. He watches over each one, even the ones who sadly reject Him as Savior. They are made in His image/ His likeness. Dare we treat even one person with disrespect? I sadly admit that I have done exactly that each time I engaged my body with another body in a same-sex act.

We must endeavor to remember that every man is an image of God. As we look at men, we should train our minds and eyes to see God Himself. We should never again look at another man as a separate entity without any relation to God. Every man has a relationship with his Creator. It may not be a good relationship, but it is a relationship nonetheless. They are sacred images of God, treasures in His temple, and they have not been created for our selfish pleasure. We would never do to God what we have done to some men. That should be the barometer that determines how we treat every man.

Prayer: I don’t enjoy thinking about this. Forgive me for all the times that I have misused the bodies of other men. I failed to see them as Your property, Your creation. Remind me of the principles from this verse next time I am tempted.

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