Look Away, Look Away

Look Away, Look Away

Read Job Chapter 7

Job 7:17 “What is man that you make so much of him, that You give him so much attention, 18 that You examine him every morning and test him every moment? 19 Will You never look away from me, or let me alone even for an instant?

We have all experienced moments when we wished that God was not watching our every move. I can only guess why Job was having one of those moments. Maybe he believed that God had brought about his suffering, and that if God would just look away, the suffering would end. Definitely, he was suffering, and unlike us, he could not think of anything he had done to deserve such treatment from the One he had served faithfully for so long. Our times of wishing God would look away are brought about for another reason.

Sometimes, we just wish we could do something without His knowing about it. During the instances of temptation, we can want what we are tempted with and might give in if only God didn’t see. But He does see. If we gave it more serious thought, we really don’t wish for Him to “look away.” Even in those times when we have given in to temptation and sinned, we should be glad that He didn’t look away. His presence may have protected us in some way, preventing even greater harm. I think about a few times when I met with a stranger. Many bad things could have happened to me; who knows what kind of evil intent resided in the hearts of those men. Even in those evil events, God is watching over us. Of course He doesn’t like what we were doing, but He never leaves us for a moment. We should be extremely grateful.

Can you imagine what might happen if Satan had complete control over our lives and spirit? If you don’t know that, look around you at this world we live in. There is rampant evil enslaving most of the world today. False religions, false doctrine, atheism, unbridled sinfulness of all descriptions surround us every day. And somehow, we have escaped the most of it. We may occasionally have our evil moments, primarily involving same-sex transgressions. But our Lord always brings us back to reality, repentance, and back to His side.

The vast majority of the world today does not possess that privilege. We do. That is because He never “looks away from us, or lets us alone for an instant.” Job was very grateful after his trial was over, for God double blessed him for his faithfulness. We should be extremely happy that our Lord watches over us all the time, even during our sinful escapades. He did not desert us and will not desert us, even though He has every right to do so.

Prayer: Never, never look away from us, Lord. We are grateful that we have an assurance that You will not do so. Bring more SSA men into Your fellowship, so that they too can enjoy the privileges of sonship, becoming one of Your cherished children. Forgive us when we whine, and complain about how You hover over us. It’s really a good thing, no, a GREAT thing!!

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