Is the Culture War Over? By McKrae Game

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mckrae-game-iiThis past week our phones started ringing from local media, wanting comments on the 4th District Court of Appeals’ ruling that struck down Virginia’s ban on gay marriage.

North Carolina and South Carolina have similar bans and are also in the 4th district. North Carolina’s Attorney General said that he will no longer defend their ban, while South Carolina has stated that they will. No doubt, this will go to the Supreme Court.

I decided it would not be in our best interest to put our opinions into the political debate now that we are a national organization. Still, I do not believe the culture war  is over.

Also, in an interview published last week, well-known former homosexual, Yvette Schneider, came out in favor of gay civil rights and tromped on the work of organizations like ours.  In one interview she wrote of her work at a national conservative organization saying, “On several occasions, I heard conversations about how the culture would be better off if homosexuality were re-stigmatized on the playground. If boys would go back to calling other boys “f*ggot,” the cultural tide would shift against the acceptance of homosexuality as a normal orientation.”; July 29, 2014

By this attitude, it seems that the Christian church has missed the boat on converting people, including themselves, over to Christ’s admonition to “love one another,” not condemning, as He taught by His example with the woman at the well. Instead, we have fought a long culture war against homosexuals that now seems lost.

What has actually been lost, and what has been gained? What side do we stand on now?  And, what do we say to those who are caught in the middle wanting to pursue Christ as Lord but struggling with same-sex attractions?

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