I Surrender ALL

By McKrae Game

photo 1When I was in the gay lifestyle, the guy and his wife that were attempting to love me to The Lord invited me to church. The sermon was on how its easier for a camel to pass through a needle than a rich man to get to heaven. I remember being completely baffled. I had not been in church for about ten years. Even though I grew up in church, I had never studied scripture nor been explained it.

Yesterday, we had Joyful Sound sing at our church. Its a large singing group from a local Christian college, North Greenville University. I spoke to the entire student body of 2200+ students, a few months ago. I had several come up to me afterwards and tell me about their struggle rather boldly. One I knew on there that was living very publicly, and I’m sure many at their school very privately.

Regardless, the difference is they’re going to have more of God’s word implanted in them than I did. Not only was I struggling, but I was lost. I had been around God’s word all my young life but never understood it and never was explained it in a way that I could grasp it. I could have been in a car crash, etc. and would have spent an eternity separated from God in Hell because I had never accepted Christ as Lord. But God had another plan in line for my life. His Word had been planted in my life, and not foreign to me. Now, at 22 I was a young gay man and was still baffled at God’s word, but He was drawing me to in. It was my time. I was searching, thanks to His drawing. My friends were living their life in such a way that I wanted what they had, though I wasn’t sure what it was. When the gospel was presented, I took it.

Today, I look at my life and think, to God be the glory!

What does this verse, Matthew 19:21, mean to me? Freedom. I couldn’t come to God with anything other than me, just me. This young man left because he was rich, and Jesus said to sell everything. I could have said, “but I’m gay.” God wanted me. Not McKrae the gay guy, the landscaper, etc., only McKrae.

I asked in my mind after accepting Christ, “what will I do with all my gay friends?” I heard back, “Don’t worry about that.” I thought back, “Okay.” My life would be and was different from then on. Though my attractions didn’t necessarily change, my heart and life definitely did.

There’s hope for us all if we’ll just come to God as us, with nothing else to encumber. Trust Him and He will NEVER disappoint!

All to Jesus, I surrender ALL.

Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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