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A Broken Promise: An Inmates story of sexual abuse & recovery

A Child who was Sexually abused. As an adult he became a sexual predator, and his recovery through Christ serving life behind bars. Help for the Abused, the Abuser, and a warning to parents

By MicKeal & Hope for Wholeness

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The contents of the book may be triggering and even traumatic for some. This book is a compilation of an earlier book written by a convicted child molester, from behind bars, and two leaders from the Hope for Wholeness Network. It uses quotes of other convicted child molesters. While this is a story of redemption, it contains the reality that led up to sexual acts with minors. So be forewarned, this book is not for everyone. This book addresses sexual abuse, adult on child molestation (not graphically but vivid stories), and child-on-child sexual behavior/molestation (some vivid stories). It addresses those who have been abused, parents of children, and chiefly the sexual predator. This can be triggering for any and all of these categories, but it speaks honestly, remorsefully, repentantly, and transparently. Throughout this word, it is our intention to give practical and healing guidance. If you are an abuser, hopefully you will receive the truths and hope that A Broken Promise contains. You may not be ready to face the truth and be confronted with your abusive actions. You may still be in denial. This book is for those seeking genuine help. It is also for anyone who is desiring to help either victim or abuser. The contents of this book may be contrary to many professionals’ beliefs. Those who worked together on this book share a biblical belief in redemption for any who truly turn to their life over to God in submission. Added stories and research have been included to show how widespread this problem is and how many are affected. Names used in this book have been changed to ensure each person’s confidentiality. A Broken Promise promotes the Christian faith. Regardless of whether you are a believer, non-believer, Jew, Muslim, or whatever your faith, or lack of faith, the principals found in this book can help you find recovery and wholeness. We ask that whatever your “higher power” is, we ask that you consider Mickeal’s story and the tools found in this book. We believe there is much truth here and a blessing to the willing reader and the potential to unlock areas of your life that are needing attention.

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