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Workshop Teaching Suggestions


  • Roots of Male Homosexuality and/or Transgenderism
  • Restoring Biblical Masculinity


  • Roots of Female Homosexuality and/or Transgenderism
  • Restoring Biblical Femininity


  • Counting the Losses-Praising for the Blessings
  • Families Response to the Revelation of Homosexuality
  • How to Pray for/Care for SSA Loved Ones
  • Hurting Parents: Dealing with Our Own Pain


  • After the shock: Now What?
  • Finding Your Identity as a Wife or Husband in Christ
  • Forgiveness & Building Trust
  • Restoring Damaged Marriages


  • Board Management
  • Establishing and Facilitating a Small Group
  • Integrity and Boundaries in Leadership
  • Ministry & Technology in the 21st Century
  • Ministry & Fundraising During a Difficult Economy
  • Becoming a HFWN Member Ministry/Starting a Ministry in Your Local Church

General/Pastors and Ministry Leaders 

  • Am I Ready to Start Dating?
  • Breaking the Cycle of Repetitive Sin
  • Creating an Environment of Transparency and Trust in Your Church or Organization
  • Getting the Most Out of Therapy/Support Group
  • Healthy Same-Sex Relationships
  • How Should the Church Respond? A Christ-Like Response
  • Living Beyond Sexual Abuse
  • Overcoming Emotional Dependency
  • Realistic Expectations/The Journey/Life Beyond the Conference
  • The Role of Shame
  • Understanding Pro-Gay Theology
  • What is Gender Identity?

These are just a few ideas. You may have others. Please submit them all, but being more specific and less general is better.




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