God’s Light Reveals Truth

God’s Light Reveals Truth

Read Psalm 119:129-136

Ps 119:130 The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

By now most of you know how much emphasis I place on reading and meditating upon God’s word. The Psalmist had some great advice for us in that regard. The entire 119th chapter of Psalm is a tribute to the importance of scripture, the Holy Spirit inspired word of God. In this particular short verse, the comparison of the scripture is to light. There are many ways we could describe the importance of light. Without it, life could not exist on earth. Actually, without Light life could not exist period. God is the Author and Creator of light, of all types and descriptions.

In today’s western culture world, men are less interested in God’s light than ever in history (my opinion). Rarely does any non-believer seriously open God’s word in search of truth (light). Worse, not many Christians do meaningful bible study and meditation. The light within God’s word is more to be desired than any other kinds of light we know of. Why is it important?

1. It is the only place where a man can find out how he stands in regard to his eternal destination. What we eventually learn is that man doesn’t really want to know. He would much rather believe what he wants to believe rather than adjust his way of thinking to coincide with God’s truth, which never changes.
2. It is the only place where Christians can find real truth. Far too many Christians today are relying on man’s wisdom and intelligence to figure out what real truth is. Far too many will devour a book written about the bible rather than devour a portion of the bible.
3. Without adherence to the Lord’s voice, man has no hope whatsoever. He will pursue his own pathway and wander to its end, which invariably leads to death. There is no other pathway to eternal life.
4. As to the SSA man and woman, the bible is the only source of truth in regard to homosexuality and its behaviors. It is very clear in regard to that subject. Any attempt to alter God’s word or twist it to mean the complete opposite is serious heresy. The man or woman who listens to man’s reinterpretation has allowed himself to be deceived by an “angel of light.”

Our lives can be compared to a dark room. There’s no way to discover what is in that room, other than to turn on God’s light. The unsaved man cannot see his lost condition unless he is exposed to the light and accepts the horrors which are revealed. The saved man can be misled as to what is in the room if he only allows man’s light into his darkness. Only God’s word can reveal the depravity of the human heart. Even Christians need to allow His light to shine into the darkest corners of their hearts.

My theory is that most Christians do not seriously read and meditate on His word because they do not like what is seen under the intense penetration of His light. They may quickly turn the light on, but then switch is off just as quickly, so that what is seen does not have to be dealt with. Personally speaking, I read something almost every day which exposes an issue that I don’t want to see. But it is imperative that I see it and deal with it in accordance with God’s will and purpose. I’ll repeat a phrase – spiritual warfare is not for the spiritually lazy. Friends, it is a very difficult work. We must resolve to continue battling, no matter how difficult it becomes.

Prayer: Lord, the closer we get to You, the more we see how despicable are our hearts. It hurts, it is hard to deal with, but we commit ourselves today to continue to allow You to shine Your light into any part of our being which needs cleansing. Father, help us!

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