God Is Not Going To Zap You

God Is Not Going To Zap You

Read Job Chapter 31

Job 31:23 For I dreaded destruction from God, and for fear of His splendor I could not do such things.

This verse perfectly describes the motivation which drove me to God as a child. Not having any concept of God’s grace and mercy, this was all I had. The last time I studied the book of Job, I ran across this verse. In previous readings, it had no impact on my thoughts. But it did this time. Quite often, I glean something new from verses which I have read many times in the past. I have heard some say that a person cannot come to Christ if the motivation for that move was fear of destruction. Hogwash! Many men have found salvation from this motivation!

Any motivation that drives a man toward God is good motivation. Of course, not all motivations are equal in value. But that truth and better motivations can be discovered later, after a man finds Christ. Once a person receives Jesus as Savior, then the motivation to continue in the faith should change. Our motivation to obey Him must evolve (excuse that word; I don’t like it either because of the wrong way it is used by the unbelieving world today). Our motivation needs to change from dread to thanksgiving and love.

I know that many Christian SSA men today continue their attempt at obedience out of “fear of destruction.” I see it often from what I hear from SSA men and what I see in their faces. You may be experiencing that yourself. If so, you must learn that God does not operate that way. He has only love, compassion, and understanding toward those who belong to Him. He is not that “god” I heard about as a child. He is not out to “get you” if you make a mistake. He knows that you will not live the remainder of your life in sinless perfection. He will not zap you with a lightning bolt the next time you view porn, or even if you make the mistake of connecting up with a stranger at a park.

The Christian SSA man needs to realize that destruction by God is not something that he needs to fear. Our Lord will never destroy His children. He will discipline His own, out of a heart of Agape love. It will likely be emotionally painful and cause us to regret our actions. But the possibility of destruction is something we can dismiss from our minds permanently. Our fear of God needs to be only from the aspect of reverential awe of who He is. Our understanding of His mercy and grace can lead us to worship Him out of love and gratitude. My sons had reason to fear my disciplines, but they knew they did not have to fear that I would destroy them. Our Heavenly Father is much more merciful than me.

Prayer: I am extremely grateful for Your love, grace, and mercy. I am glad that I need not fear Your destruction. Further, I am comforted by the knowledge that You discipline Your children, but You do not destroy them. Give us a fresh understanding of our permanent relationship with You. Show us the perfect example of Fatherhood that we could not see in our earthly fathers.

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