Drawing A Line and Asking Others to Join the Fight

By McKrae Game

20130428-093336.jpgMy words are in response to this morning’s devotion. Its pretty raw, but I think important enough to share publicly.

I believe its important to segment our falls into consequences and a hard line that we will not cross. If we lump it all together, then when we give into masturbation, then we’ll have sexual fantasy, we’ll look at men or women online, we’ll look at porn, we’ll give into sexual online chat, we’ll make a date and go have sex. At some point, we’ll give up and say that there’s no hope. We’ll ask, “what’s the point?” and join the countless others that give up and walk away to open sinful living.

We must bring in everyone that knows us intimately to what we’re prone to do and call on them when we start to struggle. You might have no one, so you need to get started! We must be 100% open to them and make a commitment to them. What is our line we won’t cross? Make one and share it with those who now know you, and talk about it regularly. Invite them to ask us personal questions. If you fall, get up quickly and share. But share before you fall! Say, “I’m stressed out! I’m worried. I’m feeling alone, etc.”

If God is the only one who knows us and we’re making a promises to and we always break them, there’s no hope. He won’t stop us. Sure, we feel guilt (wrongly) for confessing to Him again, but if done so with a person there’s that consequence of the confession that causes us real pain that we won’t want to repeat. I say wrongly about God, because He’s not mad at you and He knew you were going to do it again. He gave us James 5:16 and godly friends (and a wife or husband if you are married) to utilize in relationship. (I know…I’m crazy.)

If you lump it all together, giving yourself no room for failure and they’re all the same and you tell no one, then frankly there’s no way to succeed. Everyone’s in a struggle of some kind. We should not fear man, but utilize them. God’s Word tells us this. 1 Cor 10:13 tell us this as well, saying there’s no temptation that has overcome you but what is common to man, but God is faithful and will give you a way of escape. Calling a friend or a friend calling you and being honest is your salvation from the cycle. They’ve been there too.

And if you’re married, your wife needs to know who she’s married to and give her an opportunity to heal and get counseling and most importantly be able to minister to each other when you are weak.

Its a wonderful thing and very VERY doable when we are honest with those in our lives with where we are at. Praying that you come around to not lumping it all together and bringing others into your struggle.

Here’s the link to the devotions so you can read today’s if you choose. They are written by a godly older gentleman with a SSA background. I highly suggest them to you.

Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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